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  moorie 18:23 02 May 2006

i want to double the numerical data in a column ie price and put in to new column?to form retail price column

  Noldi 18:32 02 May 2006

Coloumn A enter Price

Coloumn B enter the multiply No eg 2

Coloumn C =Sum(A1*B1)

I think thats what you are looking for


  moorie 19:03 02 May 2006

hi thanks for the reply am i correct in thinking this will do one cell at a time,i want to calculate the whole column all different prices at x 2 there are 5000 cells is there a way of calculating the data in the whole column x2
thanks Darren

  VoG II 19:05 02 May 2006

Do as Noldi said at the top of the column.

Hover the cursor over the bottom right of the cell until the cursor changes to a +

Hold down the left mouse button and pull down to copy the formulas. The row numbers in the formulas willk change automatically.

  daba 19:38 02 May 2006

No need for =Sum(A1*B1), a simple =A1*B1 in column C will suffice.

Its a common 'mistake' made by novices with Excel.

=Sum(A1*B1) is actually 2 calculations in one, first, =A1*B1, then Summate (Sum) all the results within the brackets, which of course is already the answer.

Also its not necessary to fill a column with 2's just to multiply Column A by 2. Simply put =A1*2 in column B and drag-fill down as VoG explains.

Keeping things as simple as possible will help to speed up your spreadsheets. Having 5000 "extra" calculations to perform, i.e. the =Sum, can be noticeable on slower machines, and having the extra column filled with 2's is just a waste of storage space, file size, and an added complexity which is not justified. As spreadsheets grow in size and complexity keeping calculations to a minimum becomes more advantaguous.


  Noldi 19:56 02 May 2006

Just A small note

when you get to more complicated Calculations the =Sum is required. But dabas point is valid in simple calculations.

Adding B coloumn gives you a chance to vary the number you want to mutiply buy.

But I think you will notice in the Help forum you will always find more than one way to crack the nut

Good book to try is the Dummy series


  VoG II 20:15 02 May 2006

You only ever need SUM if you are doing addition

=SUM(A1, B5, C8)


=SUM(A1:A5, C8:C15)

There is no other reason ever to use SUM.

  VoG II 20:30 02 May 2006

Using the Fill handle click here - better than my description.

  moorie 08:33 03 May 2006

thanks guys cracked it

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