Excel merge two lists

  johnincrete 16:25 09 Nov 2009

I have two spreadsheets of names: one in English & the other in Greek. The column heads in the English list are "Full Name", "First Name" "Last Name" and "Num". The Greek one has heads "Last Name" "First name" and "Num" but these words are in Greek. I want to merge the two lists by adding the Greek names as two new columns in the English list, matching entries by the unique "Num". I suppose the easy way to refer to columns is by the column letter.
e.g. match English col 4 with Greek column 1 (where the numbers are) and add Greek col 2 & 3 as English 6 & 7
Any ideas?

  GroupFC 19:08 09 Nov 2009

Nobody else has had a go at this so let me see if I can help.

I think you might be able to do it with an "If" statement.

In column 6 on the english sheet you could try =if(d1=greeksheet!c1,greeksheetb1," "). This should look at the value in the fourth column (d) in the english sheet and compare it the third column on the greek sheet (c). If the numbers are the same it should return the value of the greek last name.

If you want Cols 6 & 7 as Greek first and last name, you will need to change the column letters!

Once you have the corrext formula, you will be able to drag ti to all the relevant cells.

It takes longer to type and try and explain than it does to do, but I hope that helps!

  GroupFC 19:11 09 Nov 2009

Whoops -jusr spotted an error in that formula - you need an exclamation mark at the end (between greeksheet and b1 (i.e. greeksheet!b1)

  VoG II 06:31 10 Nov 2009

E1 copied down


F1 copied down


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