Excel IF function with percentage calculation

  Taran 13:46 07 Mar 2006

OK, Excel isn't my thing - I'll get that out of the way for starters.

I'm looking for a quick and easy way of doing the following:

Cell L2 holds a manually input currency value.

Cell L10 will hold a percentage of L2 calculated on an IF statement.

I'll write out what I want in plain English, pigeon code:

If L2 is greater or equal to 500001 then L10 equals L2 multiplied by 4%

If L2 is greater or equal to 250001 then L10 equals L2 multiplied by 3%

If L2 is greater or equal to 120001 then L10 equals L2 multiplied by 1%

If L2 is greater than Zero then L10 equals the words "Nothing to pay"

Obviously this is a simple (yeah, right) calculation of the percentage value of L2 based on whether that value falls above or below certain amounts.

I'm dog tired and I've got a splitting head having worked silly hours this past 10 days or so and I'm about to throw this laptop out of the window.

I've done this a million times before but I've lost the plot on this one and I haven't the sense to walk away and come back later :(

If I don't get it worked out I'll just go into Access and do it the way I know how.

As I've said, Excel really isn't my thing...

As always, any and all input gratefully received.

Thanks all.


  medicine hat 13:57 07 Mar 2006


IF(L2>=500001,(L2*1.04),IF(L2>=250001,(L2*1.03),IF(L2>=120001,(L2*1.01),"Nothing to Pay")))

  Taran 14:05 07 Mar 2006

Do you know what makes me completely sick ?

I'd been faffing around for ages and all I'd done was left one too many closing brackets in.

Mine v yours -

Mine first:

=IF(L2>=500001,(L2*1.04),IF(L2>=250001,(L2*1.03),IF(L2>=120001,(L2*1.01),"Nothing to Pay"))))


=IF(L2>=500001,(L2*1.04),IF(L2>=250001,(L2*1.03),IF(L2>=120001,(L2*1.01),"Nothing to Pay")))

How many times I've done this is anyone's guess. I suppose it's a mistake any fool can make (especially this one)....


Thanks very much for the assistance. I'm going to take a break now - I very obviously need it...

Thanks again.

Best regards,


  medicine hat 14:13 07 Mar 2006

Excel colours the brackets which I find really helpful in working out if there are too many, or too few. Another triumph for those MS guys.

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