Excel help please!

  Bramblerose 09:00 03 Jun 2008

Each month I need to collate information from a number of invoices. Each invoice has a different number of lines on it.

What I need/want to be able to do is automate this process as much as possible.

I have a complete list of products from which I have created a lookup (with some help!) and this part works fine in that I type in a product code and the description and pack size come up automatically.

What I need to do now is check the amount of each invoice is correct as I am going along.

Someone I spoke to said that if I numbered each entry, so all lines on invoice one would have a number 1 in column A, all lines on invoice two would have a number 2 and so on, then I could add up the total of each invoice somehow and that is where I am stuck. I don't know how to this!

If anyone understands what I am on about, could you please help!


  VoG II 09:09 03 Jun 2008

Perhaps you mean something like


which will sum the values in column B if column A contains 1.

  Bramblerose 09:17 03 Jun 2008

I kind of knew it would be something simple.

I have used that and it works and I can tweak it to work if A contains 2,3,4 etc


  xania 09:22 03 Jun 2008

SUMIF will solve this for you i.e


with the alternative formula going into different cells. But you would need to know the maximum number of invoices

Or you can set up a macro.

Sub suminvoices()

set n=1



if (some condition based on the fact you have come to the end of the list) goto endif

set n=n+1

goto loop



Sorry, but I can't seem to get the formating right on this system, but I hope you get the idea

NB You can use COUNTIF inthe same way to count the number of items in the invoice.

  xania 09:24 03 Jun 2008

Sorry VOG - you're quicker than me, and I lost mine half way through!!

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