Excel Help please......

  Allan-263226 13:23 30 Jul 2004

Hi all.

We have a fantasy footbal thing we are arranging at work...

We want to have a column for team names, weekly score and total score.


We need to be able to enter the weekly score and for it to add on to the total score. No I know I either need some crazy formula and a hidden cell somewhere or some VB. Can anyone please help?

I should explain better

Column A will be team Name
Column B will be weekly score
Column C will be Total overall score.

So Column B will be updated every week but I need Column C to remeber the total overall score

So for example we are in week 3......

Column A Column B Column C
Bob's Builders 4 59

Now Column B will be updated with a new score, so I need column C to be updated too but remeber the overal total when Column B is changed.

Hope that makes a bit more sense??

  Allan-263226 13:24 30 Jul 2004

Column A Column B Column C
<b>Bob's Builders 4 59 </b>

  cherria 13:30 30 Jul 2004

The simplest way would be to have a column for each week in the season with the total column as a sum across all these columns. Then as each weeks scores are known, enter these in the right column and hide all the other weekly columns. This way you have a running total, no danger of double counting and can see the history of weekly scores just by unhiding the columns.

  cga 13:41 30 Jul 2004

You need to set up the 1st 2 rows manually. Assuming your first data row is 2 then what you need is:-

C2 should contain the formula =B2

C3 should contain the formula =B3+C2

Once you have done this then you highlight C3 and click copy. You then highlight C4 - Cn (however many rows you need) and click paste. The formula will be copied and adjusted automatically.

Alternativly you can just copy in the new rows as you need them using any except C2 as the source.

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