excel help on concatenate formula

  robert01 13:34 02 Jul 2013

I have a list of email addresses in cells A1, A2 etc up to about 100, I need to put them in one long string ready to paste into a word document seperated by ; and a space.

How can I do this rather easily than manually type out a formula ?

  bumpkin 15:00 02 Jul 2013

Hide the grid, copy and paste into Word possibly but you may have to add the colons.

  Woolwell 15:20 02 Jul 2013

You do not need to hide the grid to do what bumpkin suggests but this does not add semi-colons or colons.

Which version of Excel and Word?

I guess that you will copy and pasting the list into the address line of an email. Which email client will you be using? It may better to create a distribution list.

  Woolwell 15:25 02 Jul 2013

I have just had a play and if you copy and paste as suggested then in Word use find and replace, replacing the paragraph mark with ;space then it works.

  bumpkin 18:08 02 Jul 2013

Woolwell, I like that, nice easy solution.

  robert01 13:38 13 Aug 2013

worked, thanks

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