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  steviegee 15:20 03 Oct 2007

Sorry to be so dim but as regards to these click here I am getting a bit confused!!! I now have starting in cell B2 AAROC18 001 which needs to be in cell L2 AAROC_18A and if a cell reads AAROC20D 001 it needs to read in cell L2 AAROC_20D and so on. Some may be AUA214 001 which need to be AUA2__14A or AUA214D 001 which needs to be AUA2__14D. Is VoG about!!

  harps1h 16:27 03 Oct 2007

try here if you are stuck click here

  VoG II 18:56 03 Oct 2007

=IF(LEN(LEFT(B2, LEN(B2)-4))=8, LEFT(LEFT(B2,LEN(B2)-4), 5) & "_" & RIGHT(LEFT(B2, LEN(B2)-4), 3), IF(LEN(LEFT(B2,LEN(B2)-4))=6, LEFT(LEFT(B2,LEN(B2)-4),4) & "__" & RIGHT(LEFT(B2,LEN(B2)-4),2) & "A", IF(ISNUMBER(VALUE(RIGHT(LEFT(B2,LEN(B2)-4),1))), LEFT(LEFT(B2,LEN(B2)-4),5) & "_" & RIGHT(LEFT(B2,LEN(B2)-4),2) & "A", LEFT(LEFT(B2,LEN(B2)-4),4) & "__" & RIGHT(LEFT(B2,LEN(B2)-4),3))))

  steviegee 07:43 04 Oct 2007

Thats excellant VoG. Is it also possible to incorparate into this formula if it is the following format? (FTGRAP14 001 to FTGRAP14A) and (FTGRAP18D to FTGRAP18D) and also (AR618 001 to AR6___18A) and (AR618D 001 to AR6___18D)or does that get to complicated!! Then I will have all possibilities covered. Thanks again.

  steviegee 07:44 04 Oct 2007

Sorry the (FTGRAP18D to FTGRAP18D had to be FTGRAP18D 001 to FTGRAP18D)

  steviegee 12:12 04 Oct 2007


  VoG II 16:57 04 Oct 2007

Too complicated for me - I'm not much good with formulas.

Try asking at click here where you can post a sample of your data and expected results using click here

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