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  Goatboy 12:24 17 Jan 2003
  Goatboy 12:24 17 Jan 2003

Can anyone help?
I have a list of items all priced, quantities are set to zero, when I insert a quantity the sheet totals the items, simple stuff I know, what I need is the items with ‘quantities’ to appear on sheet 2 below each other in a list. I’ve ‘kind of’ done it but the item appears on the same line as it does on sheet 1 so, for example; if item 17 is at row 104 on sheet 1 and is the first item with a quantity greater than zero, it appears on row 104 on sheet 2, the 103 rows above it are blank, and if the next item selected is on sheet 1 row 110 there are five blank rows between them. I would like to be able to get the items to appear on sheet 2 one below the other. I’ve tried many different combined functions to achieve this, but never get it right.

Thanks in advance

  cherria 12:36 17 Jan 2003

No specific functios to do it.

You can do itmanually by sorting on the price x quantity column on sheet 2 so you just get the opnes you want together at the top.

The other way is to write a macro to go down the list pick each row that has a value and copy this to sheet 2 in the next available position.

Just depends how automated you want to be and how often you are likely to repeat the process.

  Bun 12:44 17 Jan 2003

If I understand you correctly you want to take information from sheet 1 and put the answer on sheet 2. Goto sheet 2 in the cell you wish to give you the answer. Type in the operand ie =Sum( and then go back to sheet 1 highlight the cells you wish to use and these will automatically be placed into your function. Remember to close any brackets and that should do it. You can do it by hand use ie =sum(sheet1!a1:a3). Hope this is what you want.

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