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  freddy-firecracker 13:31 14 Nov 2006

I'm trying to set up an excel calc sheet that calculates the difference between two dates without including leap years. I've tried using the day formula and transferring information from other cells to combine with this result but it still doesn't work.

I would appreciate any pointers.



  FreeCell 13:51 14 Nov 2006

Not sure I understand the significance of the leap year point. If you have two cells with dates e.g. 01/01/05 and 31/01/06 and subtract one from the other, displaying result as a positive number then it gives the answer of 395 (days).

There must be more to what you are looking to do.

  VoG II 13:54 14 Nov 2006


=DATEDIF(A1, A2, "d")

where A1 houses the earlier date and A2 the later date. I think that excluding leap years is going to be messy. Do you actually want to exclude the whole year or just the extra day.

To find out if a year is a leap year


will return TRUE if the year (stored as a number, not an Excel date) in A1 is a leap year.

  VoG II 14:29 14 Nov 2006


  freddy-firecracker 15:31 14 Nov 2006


I just want to exclude the extra days not the years. In any four year period this figure should = 1. Over 46 years it would be 11 and so on.

  VoG II 17:05 14 Nov 2006

The SUMPRODUCT should work then.

  freddy-firecracker 17:52 14 Nov 2006


Thanks the formula was spot on


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