Excel Formula Problem

  Taff36 12:23 22 Dec 2003

We`re trying to get Excel to calculate a labour cost based on percentage increases from one set of dimensions. This is our formula:

E39+IF(OR(E2>601,F2>601),E39*D6,0)+IF(OR(E2>701,F2>701),E39*D7,0)+IF(OR(E2>801,F2>801),E39*D8,0)+IF(OR(E2>901,F2>901),E39*D9,0)+IF(OR(E2>1001,F2>1001),E39*D10,0)+IF(OR(E2 451,F2 451),E39*D4,0)

E39 is a labour cost – E2 & F2 are dimensions - D6 to D8 are percentage increases dependant on the sizes in millimeteres.

By changing the dimensions in E2 & F2 the resultant labour cost should change but the formula above seems to give a cumulative result. Any suggestions please?

  VoG II 12:39 22 Dec 2003

OR(E2 451,F2 451) looks wrong (missing equals signs)?

  Taff36 12:47 22 Dec 2003

The formula didn`t paste correctly VoG - it is actually "less than".

  VoG II 13:11 22 Dec 2003

I don't have time to look at this in detail at the moment (work!).

Try breaking the formula down into smaller chunks in separate cells

e.g. =IF(OR(E2>601,F2>601),E39*D6,0)

and see if the results make sense.

  Taff36 14:24 22 Dec 2003

As you suggested the individual chunks record the right answers as the sizes are altered but of course they are adding them up cumulatively - exactly as we`ve told the formula to do!

I need the formula to return a value of the labour cost plus the percentage for sizes in E2 and F2 that are in the ranges 200 - 450, 451 - 500, 501 - 600, 601 - 700 etc

  tbh72 15:25 22 Dec 2003

Breaking the formula down & generating the result's to several cells would be the most sensible solution. I would be happy to look at it if you e-mail me the file or relevant working data.

  tbh72 16:03 22 Dec 2003


You could try this one?

  tbh72 16:11 22 Dec 2003

I should explain incase the fornula is errornous, by your own admission you say you are not getting the desired result as each part of the formula is being added together. I have encpasulated the entire formula in bracets having removed the + addition functions you've included.

Obviously, it's easier to work directly on a work sheet than it is to "pluck" a formula out of the air on a forum.

  pc moron 16:40 22 Dec 2003

You could maybe solve it using a nested IF formula but having two values to check (E2 and F2)will make the formula a nightmare.

It's better to break the problem down by testing each range seperately and then summing the result to get a final answer.

This formula will work for each of your ranges:


Substitute each of your ranges in the above formula (one formula per range) and sum the results to arrive at a final answer.

  Taff36 16:42 22 Dec 2003

Point taken. e-mail attachment on the way to you. Thanks for the offer.

  tbh72 01:57 23 Dec 2003

I have taken a look at the email, disregarding all the additional information am I right in assuming that the figure you are trying to produce is the basic cost + the additional percentage cost based on the two cells with the dimensions.

They are currently set at 450 & 1100 which means using the above assumption cell I5 = 321.99

Crosses his fingers in the hope that he has understood the problem correctly, that being the case I would simplify the formula to use lookup to either add or subtract the relevant discount.

Wait's with baited breath

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