Excel formula to calculate % of year completed.

  buckrogers 07:56 29 Aug 2010


Hoping someone can suggest to me a formula for finding the percentage of the year completed between two dates.

For example:

My start of the year date is 1 April 2010, my date for year to date is 13 September 2010 – is there a function/formula in Excel that can calculate the percentage of the year completed up till 13 September 2010 ?? (assuming that the full year is till 01 April 2011)

I’ve tried searching Excel for a function & found PERCENTRANK a possibility but couldn’t make it work. I guess a formula will have to be created?

How will I format the date so the formula will work? 01/04/2010 or 01 April 2010 for example or will any date format work?

I’m using Microsoft Excel 2003.

Thanks very much for the help.

  wiz-king 08:44 29 Aug 2010

this should be near enough '=(D6-C6)/365 *100' where D6 is your final date and C6 is the year start date it does not take account of leap years

  wiz-king 08:47 29 Aug 2010

Any date format should work but the answer cel should be formated as number and set the number of decimal places to 0

  Atlantic Man 10:16 29 Aug 2010

Well its your job- you need to know your stuff.

  buckrogers 20:20 30 Aug 2010

Thanks wiz-king for the formula, works a treat.

As for your stupid/error of judgement comment Atlantic Man, I have never needed to use Excel in any job I've had, I'm just familiarising myself with it for personal use. We all have to start somewhere. What a clown you are.

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