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  Tony275 18:48 27 Apr 2007

Hi, All
I Hope someone can help me here, I know nothing about excel apart from what I've heard, And thats all been good stuff, I know there are some excel experts in this room.
Well If Any of those have a moment I was wondering if they could advice me on how I would go about putting together a simple excel set up where all I require is This , First column to be called Item, Second column called Purchase Price, Third Called sale price and fourth to be called Profit /loss, What I'd Like to know In very simple terms if possible, I have done the above using Microsoft Excel But what do I do So The final column automatically adjusts to whether it is proit or Loss £.
Hope this makes some sence to someone sorry if it does'nt.

I'll try and explain more if not.
And yes I will Learn Excel when I get Some spare Time.
Thanks In Advance T

  TonyV 19:59 27 Apr 2007

Depending how you want to view it, you could just use a simple formula in Column 4 like =A3-A2, this will give you a positive figure for profit or a negative figure for a loss. i.e 30-20=£10 but if 20-30=-£10.

I suspect you are probably looking for something a bit more sophisticated than that though, in which case wait for VoG.


  Ho-Lin-Sok 20:24 27 Apr 2007

From the above highlight the box you want the answer in and in the formula box it would be =SUM(A3-A2)

  MAJ 20:36 27 Apr 2007

Don't forget about conditional formatting to make things clearer guys, example Loss = Red coloured font, no Loss or Profit (break even) = Green coloured(maybe) font.

  Noldi 12:06 28 Apr 2007

You have to think about how you want to work it out and apply it to Excel.
As sugested above you are taking away the price you payed away from the price you sold at. Then format your answer into Currency this can be formated to show negatives in Red.
Coloumn "A" would be formated as text, Click the A at the top of the coloumn then the Format menu > Cells > number tab > text then repeat with Coloumns B,C & D but use the currency format ajusting decimal places Currency and negative numbers options.
I presume in Row 1 you have your discriptions of each coloumn so in D2 you need to enter the formula =B2-C2 after this select cell D2 then click on the right hand bottom corner of the cell when the cursor turns into a black cross and drag this down coloumn A as far as you want to go.
This will give you a start but enjoy learning Excel and find youself a good book to reference to.


  MAJ 01:17 29 Apr 2007

Just a little tip about pulling formulas down a column. Rather than dragging the formula down using the little black box in the corner of the cell, just double click the little black box, that will copy the formula right the way down, without you having to drag it manually.

  VoG II 13:46 30 Apr 2007

In D2


and copy down. If you wanted to keep a cumulative profit/loss column then in E2


and copy down.

  Tony275 19:35 04 May 2007

Thanks for all the help and advice, I've tried in vain all week and I'm no closer getting this to work, I guess the teachers were right and maths and me just don't go.

I'll look for a freeware program that might do what I need.

Regards T

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