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  Young Ranger 22:39 07 Mar 2008

I use the same version of Excel on two PCs at work with XP and one at home with Vista. I have copied files between PCs with out any problems for quite some time. I have recently started to have problems with files created on one of the work PC's opening them at home. I get the message "Excel found unreadable content in file......." followed by the message that Excel was unable to repair the damage.

Files from the other work work PC open OK and copying files between the work PC's isn't a problem. The work PC is not connected to the internet so it is unlikely to be a virus.

I have tried lowering the macro security setting to the lowest without result. Any ideas as to what the problem is and how to resolve it please.
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  VoG II 08:00 08 Mar 2008

Pivot Table? click here

  Young Ranger 10:47 08 Mar 2008

Sadly not. No pivot tables in any of the files. The problem appears to be with new files created on the work PC. Files created on the home PC are updated without any problems.

(I sync them using "Briefcase" on a flash drive.)

  daba 00:46 09 Mar 2008

You need to determine if files created on the work PC that don't open at home will open on the other work PC when "briefcased" to it, rather than copying to it.

Do this vice-versa as well.

Then see if the problem is still there when you "copy" the file (eg. via your memory stick/flash drive).

This could highlight whether using "briefcase" is the cause of the problem.

I had issues in the early days with briefcase, and forthwith stopped using it, that was many years ago

  TonyW2 08:36 09 Mar 2008

Are the problem files being produced on Office 2007 ?
Office 2007 produces Excel and Word documents that cannot be read on earlier versions of the programms. To rectify

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  Young Ranger 10:23 09 Mar 2008

All PCs involved are using Office 2003. I have been using the Briefcase method for a few years without problems. I have also tried without briefcase but still have the problem.

The only thing that has changed is that I am using Vista at home but even here there didn't seem to be a problem until quite recently.

The works PCs are not connected to the internet so is it possible that the cause is Vista which has had Office Updates?

  daba 23:42 09 Mar 2008

Try copying a file that won't open at home onto the other works PC. then open it, save it as another filename, then take that new file home and try that.

  Young Ranger 01:13 10 Mar 2008

re-installed Excel and all seems OK now. Can only think that the problem was caused by Office updates????

Thanks for all the replies.

  Acx 01:27 10 Mar 2008

I assume that you re-installed Excel on your home computer.

Interesting that it was only this (probably as you say - your updates) that caused one computer from work not to be compatible, yet the other still was.

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