Excel experts please

  Mike D 15:12 14 Oct 2009

I've been asked to give some basic ms office lessons to a girl who has moved schools (and has found that she is some way behind her new class-mates). The list is as given by her teacher is below
Basic formulae
Conditional formatting
Absolute and relative cell references
Working out percentages using formulae
Modelling (very important, please emphasise)

Most of the things on the list are areas that I would cover anyway, but not wishing to appear too thick, what the heck in modelling?


  VoG II 15:16 14 Oct 2009

It might be using Solver or Goalseek but that's pure guesswork.

  OTT_Buzzard 15:27 14 Oct 2009

The way i'd read 'modelling' is creatng a spreadsheet to represent a scenario involving more than one possible equation,

E.g. a rocket launches into space. Model the launch of the rocket from t=0 to t=60 seconds.

At any one point in time the rocket has characteristics of (for example) distance, speed, vector and mass.

Entering this data, and with suitable use of the right formulae, you could end up with a complete picture of the rocket launch and allow you to work out any number of other attributes. E.g. acceleration, fuel consumption per second, thrust etc

  Mike D 15:38 14 Oct 2009

Thanks VoG™, I have e-mailed her teacher asking him to explain what he wants. I had thought along the lines of Scenarios, so perhaps we are both looking in the same general direction.

  Mike D 15:40 14 Oct 2009

Sorry I must have sent my thanks to VoG™ as your response was coming in. We now have three of us thinking the same, so we're either correct or as daft as each other.
So thank to you also.

  kidsis 15:48 14 Oct 2009

?could be to do with cash flow models.

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