Excel date problem, or idiot users?

  Jdoki 15:04 07 Apr 2005

I have a spreadsheet created in Excel 2003 which has a cell formatted as a Custom date (mmm-yy).

All our users seem to find this works, except for some of our guys in Sweden. They are reporting that any date entered changes the year to 05 (example. Mar-03 becomes Mar-05)

The only way I have been able to emulate anything close to this error is shown below.

Example, by entering:

'02/03' (for Feb 2003) the cell shows 'Mar-05'- but I believe this is technically correct as Excel will interpret 02 as the day and 03 as the month and append the current year on, hence Mar-05.

Entering '01/02/03' appears correctly as 'Feb-03'.

I'm stumped as to what may be causing this. My hunch is that they are entering dates as mm/yy (although they assure me they are not).

Anyone got any ideas what's happening?

Thanks in advance.

  mattyc_92 15:06 07 Apr 2005

It is because Excel is looking for the day, month and year... You need to change the format...

  Jdoki 15:15 07 Apr 2005

As my post mentioned, I've suspected this, but they assure me they are entering the date as either Mar-03 or 01/03/04 for example.

Plus they claim that the date changes from Mar-03 to Mar-05, which is not what you would expect if they were entering dates as mm/yy.

02/03 would change to Mar-05

They claim they are entering:

Mar-03 and it is changing to Mar-05

  mattyc_92 15:16 07 Apr 2005

OK... I will try this... Back in a minute...

  mattyc_92 15:19 07 Apr 2005

Nothing.... I can't seem to "make" this problem....

I would ask then to make a screenbump of what they are typing in and e-amil it you so you can see what they are typing...

  pj123 15:30 07 Apr 2005

Just tried it. If I enter 03/04 it comes up as Apr-05 But if I enter mar 04 it comes up as Mar-04.

Make sure you enter the data as Month (mar) space Year (04) etc.

dont forget the space.

  Simsy 15:33 07 Apr 2005

perhaps it is something to do with the date settings in Windows regional setings, via control panel.

If they have it different over there, maybe that is reflected somehow in Excel?

As I say, clutching at straws!



  Simsy 15:36 07 Apr 2005

if I enter 03/04 I get 03-Apr




  pj123 15:47 07 Apr 2005

Simsy, even stranger because I formatted a whole column as Format, Cells, Custom and selected mmm-yy

Now if I select a blank cell within that column and go to Format, Cells it shows up as Date (Mar-98) and not Custom anymore?

  pj123 15:49 07 Apr 2005

Sorry, should say I am using Excel 2000 not 2003 perhaps there is a difference.

  Simsy 15:58 07 Apr 2005

here at work.



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