Excel, a couple of stupid questions...

  Quickbeam 09:45 06 Feb 2009

I've only just upgraded to Vista & Excel 2007 due to a mobo failure last week. These 2 pieces of software are really quite different to their previous versions, so It's like a totally new system to me at present:o

Stupid question 1. I've looked high and low, but can't see an access on the toolbars for the help files!

2. When using MS SyncToy to copy files to an external drive, I'm getting a failed message. Any ideas why?

3. If I manually drag the files to the remote location, I can't do a simple save if I alter them. Excel tells me it's read only and wants to save as a copy of the original. I've tried altering the attributes but it's not set as read only...?

4. Final stupid question:) Some of my files need to auto update from other workbooks. At first that was not happening, until a warning flag gave me the option of overriding this. But again, I can't for the life of me see where I access this option in Excel.

Told you they were stupid... or is it just me...

  VoG II 09:52 06 Feb 2009

1. There should be a question mark at the top right of the window. You may find click here helpful.

  interzone55 09:55 06 Feb 2009

Firstly, I understand your frustration with Excel 2007, the ribbon toolbar system is very annoying at first, although it does show some functions that were hard to find before.

I gave up after a while and removed Office 2007 and reverted to Office 2003, it does everything I need.

I can only answer question 1. To get the help system in most windows programs simply press F1.

  woodchip 10:30 06 Feb 2009

For Help, Most programs will still work with F1 key, try it using your browser or any other, this from Win95 and further back days

  Quickbeam 10:37 06 Feb 2009

I knew there would be a simple explanation... too simple for me to see:)

I'll look through VoG™'s link this afternoon.

I'm surprised they've made it so alien to the previous versions, I would be no more lost by going to Mac or Linux than this.

  Marko797 10:47 06 Feb 2009

Once u get used to it (Office 2007), u'll probably find that u like it.

I have been using it a while now and like it very much. Strangely, I now have difficulty navigating the old 2003 version with the old style menus.

Some inconsistencies in the Office 2007 range however; ribbon on excel, word, powerpoint, outlook, but not on publisher, project, or visio.

  Quickbeam 10:49 06 Feb 2009

I see that the save as options give me the option to save as a '97/'03 files, will this cure the inability to save 'as is'?

  Marko797 10:54 06 Feb 2009

Don't understand what u mean. Save-as gives u the option to save the document in a variety of formats, 97-03, pdf, xps, etc, etc. What r u trying to do?

  Noldi 11:37 06 Feb 2009

I totally sympathise with you.
Last weekend I had to use my Daughters computer to do some urgent work and I found the new MS office a bit strange and I felt a bit lost. It took me longer than if I had been working with my normal MS office 2003 thats for sure.

We are due upgrades at work soon so I will have to start using the newer MS office, I wonder what outlook is like.


  Marko797 12:05 06 Feb 2009

Outlook 2007 is fine. Some info & demos click here

  Quickbeam 14:28 06 Feb 2009

"Don't understand what u mean."

On my old excel '97, I used Synctoy to back the file up to an external drive. That would allow me to work on the file in either drive and it would update both ways on the next sync.

The Synctoy is not updating to the external drive. If I input the new data manually, and try to save, it won't do a simple save of that file. It insists on saving it under another name or as a copy.
This means I'll end up with a load of confusing copies of what should be 1 file on each drive.

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