Excel c**k up - Please Help !

  Minkey1 12:15 03 Feb 2006

Hi all

Been working on an excel file, comprising a simple list of 380 odd audiobook titles in one column, and relevant publisher in another. Thought I'd sort the title column by alpha to eliminate any duplicates.

Unfortunately I did it all in the original .xls file and saved the change. Now ended up with a list of alpha titles out of sync with the list of publishers.

To use the list for the purpose it was created, we wanted to work from publisher then from their list of titles. With the version I've saved we can't do this.

There's no way I can get back to the original version is there?

I'm assuming not and realise I should have saved another version before starting buggering around. Lesson learnt (painfully).


  andy625 12:28 03 Feb 2006

I guess you've tried "undo"? Have a search of your hard drive temp files and see if there's a backup anywhere. Search for files modified today and sort by date.

  Minkey1 13:20 03 Feb 2006

Andy, yes tried "undo" as soon as I realised that other saved changes had resulted in a complete mishmash - no good. Search only produces a listing of the amended file, no others, and a manual look round produces nothing.

I'll leave it a bit but guess I know the answer already.

Thanks for your suggestions.


  TonyV 13:43 03 Feb 2006

Try going in to Windows Explorer, then search and look for "Recent" (less the Quotation marks) in your C:/ drive. You may well come up with something that is listed as My Recent Documents. It is conceivable that you will find the file you are looking for there.


  TonyV 13:46 03 Feb 2006

By the way, I think you will find it is a hidden file, so make sure you tell the Search to look in hidden files.


  Minkey1 14:03 03 Feb 2006


Thanks for this.

Nothing came up in Explorer/Search, but by selecting Show Hidden Files I found My Recent Documents in C:\Documents and Settings\Mike.

Unfortunately the only file there is the one saved over the original.

Looks like I can't get the original back as I've saved amendments before realising what I was doing, so the Undo button doesn't go back.

Looks like it's gone then ?


  beynac 14:14 03 Feb 2006

Have a look in Options on the Tools menu in Excel. Click on the Save tab. If 'Save AutoRecover info every:' is ticked there may be a copy of the original in the folder shown (default is: 'C:\Documents and Settings\YourUserName\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\').

  TonyV 14:15 03 Feb 2006

Maybe the answer is to create a new file and cut and paste the information from the changed one. Perhaps there is some way you can pick up a semblance of order from the List of Publishers. Any way you do you it is going to be a bit of a fag though.

Have fun


  Minkey1 14:28 03 Feb 2006



SaveAutoRecover is ticked and the default location is as you say but no copy of the original there.


Yeh, I'm left with an alpha list of titles, but when I was faraway mind mode (i.e. before I woke up and realised what I was doing) I was manually chopping out publishers and saving. I think now I can't marry them up. I don't do things by halves.

Thanks all. I'll tick it resolved and put it down to experience.


  Fellsider 14:26 15 Mar 2006

I'm no expert here but this just might save your life if you have Microsoft Access.

Open Access
then 'edit'
then 'get external data'
then 'import'
change 'files of type' to microsoft excel (*.xls)
and find your file
follow instructions and you will finish up with the excel file as a database. The columns can then be sorted within the database.


  Minkey1 16:21 15 Mar 2006


Thanks for this. I use S& T flavour of Office (we do have a student in the house !) so don't have Access. Your long shot is worth knowing tho. I think there was an offer to include Access in the Office box quite cheaply.

On this occasion I bit the bullet and owned up, and someone got round it.

Tomorrow I've got to load some data on to our server at the Host premises, so if the internet goes down in the North of England - it'll be me !

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