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  Muckle 23:21 17 Mar 2004

Does anyone know a way of changing the axis/scale labels on a chart. The chart is created using numeric values, but the finished article would be of more use if these were displayed down the y axis as customised labels.

The Bar chart has this built in, ie the Y axis contains the labels.


  Muckle 12:43 20 Mar 2004

Thanks - I realise this but the numerical values were to replace a complicated text based scale that couldn't be plotted by Excel and what I want to do is replace the numbers on the Y axis with the original text entries.
It is a bit difficult to explain, but I hope it makes sense?

  VoG II 12:48 20 Mar 2004

The best way would be to plot using the original text values then format the axis to display them as you want (right click axis, select format axis).

Or right click axis, format axis, patterns, tick mark labels none. Then insert a series of text boxes with your desired labels. The first method is far better.

  Muckle 13:36 20 Mar 2004

My Scale is as follows:
1 P1 (i)
2 P1 (ii)
3 P1 (iii)
4 P2 (i)
5 P2 (ii)
6 P2 (iii)
7 P3 (i)
8 P3 (ii)
9 P3 (iii)
10 P4
11 P5
12 P6
13 P7
14 P8
15 1c
16 1b
17 1a
18 2c
19 2b
20 2a
21 3
The text entries in the right column are entered into a spreadsheet something like this:
Sep-02 May-03
Jim Jones P5 P7
to plot progress, but Excel wont plot these text values in graph form so the numeric values are used to create the charts. Trouble is the resulting charts don't have the P5, P7 etc... values displayed and I am trying to find a way round it.
If anyone cane help it would be greatly appreciated.

  VoG II 14:01 20 Mar 2004

You are trying to plot text values against text values? Can't be done.

  Muckle 14:04 20 Mar 2004


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