EXCEL - Button Click Telephone Dialing

  tbh72 14:04 01 May 2004

Search as I might I cannot find the best method to dial a telephone number via a button click?

I also need to change & add STD codes to telephone numbers. The standard input will be a full 11 digit number with no spaces, how would I break the number down into 5 / 6 eg current number 01223456789 in a single cell transferred to two cells eg A1=01223 B1=456789.

I hope this makes sense & you are able to offer solutions to one or both of the problems

Thanks in advance

  VoG II 14:08 01 May 2004

1. Don't understand why you want Excel to make phonme calls.

2. Use Data/Text to columns. Follow the wizard, selecting "fixed width".

  VoG II 14:13 01 May 2004
  tbh72 14:16 01 May 2004

I can't program to the extent needed for an example I am trying to create, but Excel is a powerful tool which "Should" be able to create a working example if I can just get it to dial!!

  tbh72 14:17 01 May 2004

Excel - lent!! Just looking at your link now.

  tbh72 14:27 01 May 2004

VOG - I have removed my modem as I am now on broadband. The program "Dialer.EXE" is only available with a modem installed, is this a fair assumption or could the code in the link you provided be at fault!!

  VoG II 14:29 01 May 2004

I think it's a fair assumption.

I've removed my dial-up modem too, so I can't check any of this.

  tbh72 14:40 01 May 2004

Thanks for your help VOG it's appreciated. That's the easy bit taken care of, now to try and format these telephone numbers and ADD the spices!!

  tbh72 15:02 01 May 2004

Nope I cant seem to find the formula to display only the first 5 digits of a telephone number in cell B1 & the remaining 6 digits to be displayed in C1 assuming the whole number in entered into cell A1!!


Thanks for the link mate, very useful


Thanks for the question,

As VoG™ advised earlier, you can use the Data - Text to Columns facility. If you want the number to be complete in A1, STD in B1 and Tel in C1, then you must start by copying the number from A1 to B1, this is because during the process of conversion to 2 (or more)columns, the original cell retains the first element of the split.

You would then select B1 and use the wizard as advised, when you are advised to click, click on the number displayed

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