Excel Blind Panic! Please help!!!!!

  wishtobwireless 17:40 06 May 2013

I have attempted to import an Excel spreadsheet 2300 lines into Access. It didnt import and my excel spreadsheet is now blank apart from the titled columns! I cannot explain how important this spread sheet is and realise how stupid i have been to not keep a good back up! Please please can someone help me to get back the spreadsheet or is all lost? Thank you for your help

(in my panic I thought I had posted this about half an hour ago, but cannot find it in the feed, so apologies if it is posted twice)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:47 06 May 2013

HAve you tried to reopen the spread sheet by ostarting another Excel?

  compumac 17:48 06 May 2013

If you only imported the spreadsheet into Access, the source spreadsheet is still in its original place, is it not?

  wishtobwireless 17:58 06 May 2013

Afraid not Fruitbat and compumac. I have re opened to original spreadsheet and it seems to have Access headings and all data wiped! When I go into Access nothing has updated or imported. Could it be lost in transit somewhere! Clutching at straws!!!

  lotvic 18:39 06 May 2013

can you open a version of spread sheet from the autosave copies. there should be one you can choose from before you did the import

  rdave13 18:41 06 May 2013

Have you looked in the temp folder? Shot in the dark. Windows Explorer, C drive, users, (your name), AppData, Local, then the Temp folder.

  Woolwell 18:55 06 May 2013

I have done this several times and have never come across your snag. If you have the access headings then it would seem that it exported to the file instead of importing and has overwritten the Excel data. I'm sorry but without a backup copy I don't know how you can recover the data.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:56 06 May 2013

The Windows "Previous Versions" feature may help get your data back. Here's where you'll find instructions for Windows 7 although it's also present in Windows 8 and Vista.

  compumac 19:03 06 May 2013

How did you import the spreadsheet and what versions of Excel and Access are you using?

  wishtobwireless 19:32 06 May 2013

Compumac I am using Access and excel 2007 Secret Squirel I am using Vista Woolwell thanks as I am fearing! Lotvic how do I get to auto save Just trying temp files now!

Back in a mo...

  Secret-Squirrel 19:42 06 May 2013

"Secret Squirel I am using Vista"

OK - here's another link for you. However I've just noticed that Previous Versions is only available in the Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions of Vista so you may not have that feature.

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