Excel: basic formatting question

  24dragon 09:34 24 Jan 2003
  24dragon 09:34 24 Jan 2003

Hi - in Excel 2000 and Win 98, can I centre a column of figures but have the 2 decimal places lined up under each other?

My boss can do it in Win2000 with Alignment/Right indent, but I've only got a Left indent. Or should I have a Right one too?



  MalcSP 09:47 24 Jan 2003

Format-Cells-Number-Select Cuurency,Symbol, select 'None'. This wll align all your decimal points in a column.

  Gongoozler 09:57 24 Jan 2003

Alternatively, Format - Cells - Number, Decimal places = 2.

  Gongoozler 10:01 24 Jan 2003

Sorry, ignore my suggestion. I just tried that out, and now I realise your problem. Even setting the cell indent reverts to 0 indent when right alignment is selected. Silly isn't it.

  VoG™ 10:03 24 Jan 2003

Format cells to number, 2 decimal places.

Then use the Align Right toolbar button.

  24dragon 10:20 24 Jan 2003

Everyone - thanks, but (being a pain) I want to know if I can actually centre the figures. I know I can do as VoG™ suggests, but that just right aligns them.

I really want them indented leftwards from the righthand edge, if you get my meaning!

  MalcSP 10:26 24 Jan 2003

Yes we all got it wrong. You cannot centre a column of figures and have all the decimal points aligned. But, why do you need to do this? You can centre a heading over two columns then adjust the right side of the first column to place the right aligned 'Accounting' formatted cells in the position you require.

  24dragon 10:32 24 Jan 2003

You're an angel! Exactly what I meant - I knew I'd done it in the dim and distant past, but had forgotten it was under the Accounting option.

Funny how sometimes you know you can do something one way but through sheer damned cussedness you want to do it differently.

I'll get on with some work now. Thanks, one and all

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