Excel assignment woes

  Throttleup 10:00 05 Dec 2007

Hi there,

As part of an assignment I'm trying to list values from -PI to +PI and excel. Then it is required I multiply each value. It's easier to see via screenshot:

click here

I'm trying to make the formula work so I can simply click and drag and the formula will correct itself in the other boxes. So far I've had no luck and it's driving me insane.

What I'm trying to type is =SIN(X,Y). For some reason, Excel wants to change it to =SIN(X/Y). The values would be used to make a 3D Graph.

If you need anymore info please let me know and I'll try to provide it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm using Excel 2004 for Mac btw.



  johnnyrocker 10:02 05 Dec 2007

best wait til vog wakes up;)


  VoG II 10:33 05 Dec 2007

In Excel SIN() takes a single argument - an angle.

What is SIN(X,Y) meant to calculate? Sorry my trig is a bit rusty to say the least.

  xania 10:38 05 Dec 2007

My understandiong is that you can only have one varable in the SIN function i.e. if B = 0.25 (the angle in radians for which you want the sin), SIN B = 0.247404. I think you will find the same result for + pr - radians.

Can you please explain your relationship between your x axis and y axis, I may be able to come up with a better way of doing it.

  MAJ 10:40 05 Dec 2007

I thought one could only get the SIN, COS, TAN of an angle, X,Y are only the co-ordinates of a plotted point. Or am I way off?

  MAJ 10:42 05 Dec 2007

Sorry, you two, should have refreshed.

  Throttleup 10:57 05 Dec 2007

I suppose it'll be easier if I type the question:

"Create a 3D plot of the function sin(x*y) for x and y ranging from -PI to +PI." (this is why I have the -3.14....list)

It also gives a hint which is: "One solution is to create a 2D table, top row representing x (e.g from -3.14 to 3.14 in steps of PI/20) and similarly a column on the LHS representing y. Name the range of x values "x" and y values "y" and enter the formula for each cell of the table "=sin(x*y). Then create a 3D surface plot with the results."

The problem is I can't get excel to co-operate.

  MAJ 11:00 05 Dec 2007

Ahh!! sin(x*y) is not the same as sin(x,y)

  Throttleup 11:03 05 Dec 2007

Sorry, I'm so confused I must have typed the wrong thing.

  MAJ 11:05 05 Dec 2007

S'ok, Throttleup, east mistakea to makea. VoG™ will sort you out shortly, he's our Excel wizard.

  VoG II 11:21 05 Dec 2007

In B3


Then hover the cursor over the bottom right of B3 until the cursor turns into a + then press the mouse button drag the formula across and down as far as needed.

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