Excel 97 Custom Lists, AutoFill, Mail Merge & Word

  Jeecie 12:57 04 Dec 2003

Hi! Long time since I posted… but here goes…

I'm creating an Excel 97 file to use as a data source for a Word 97 mail-merge form letter. The letters are replies to people applying for jobs (I work in an HR dept.).

The Excel file is set up as follows..
- Row A1 (Top) are the titles/names of my mail-merge fields (column headings) e.g. 'Name', 'Date Applied', 'Applicant Status' etc.
- The subsequent rows = 1x row is 1x person's details.

In some of columns I will need to type repeated info. so to save me time I need Excel to fill in the info. automatically for me, e.g.:
- "Applicant Status" column = 'On hold after application', 'Regret After Application', 'Invited to interview', 'On hold after interview', 'Regret after interview', 'Offered a position', 'Accepted position', 'Rejected our offer'. I will need to create other lists for other columns in a similar vein.
- I have managed to use the "Help" function to create a 'Custom List' (under Tools> Options> Custom Lists> NEW LIST). However, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to use the list now I've created it! I've tried looking on the Microsoft website & no joy…

Can anyone offer any insight please?

Many thanks in advance…

  kjh 14:57 04 Dec 2003

The custom list is meant to be a list that is automatically entered when you drag the cell down so as to enter MON, TUE, WED etc.

Excel 2000 will enter any repeat cells after you have enter the characters to make the entry unique. From memory (and it is a long time ago) Excel 97 does not do this.

You could use the vlookup formula so you would have a code that will look up the full text from another cell range.


  VoG II 17:02 04 Dec 2003

Excel 97 does include the autocomplete feature. Once you've typed Applicant Status in a cell the next time you type A it should fill in the rest for you.

Alternative you could use the worksheet's OnEntry() property but that requires some VBA programming.

Try using Data Validation.

You could either enter a list elsewhere on the Excel sheet and then refer to it using the Data Validation Source box or else type the list directly in to the Source box separating each entry with a comma.


  Jeecie 19:34 25 Feb 2005

Just lookin throuhg my old threads...

Used data validation suggestion - and it worked a treat!!

Belated thanks to Whisperer...

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