Amethyst75 12:32 14 Apr 2003


Im currently using Excel XP. Does anyone know how i can add several individually saved/named sheets together?(they're all saved under different names but have the same template) e.g. Jan03, Feb03, March03 etc.

Iv mastered the basics of excel but this would save me a lot of time and brain power!


  Megatyte 12:39 14 Apr 2003

Do you mean that you have multiple one sheet workbooks and you need them as different sheets in one workbook?


  Taran 12:57 14 Apr 2003

There's a few ways of doing this.

The manual and involved method is as follows:

open a blank workbook

open up one of your files (Jan03, Feb03, March03 etc)

right click on one of the name tabs at the bottom of the worksbook whose sheets you want to move (where it says Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3)

when you right click on the name tab, select the option to "Select all sheets"

now right click on the name tab again and select "Move or Copy"

where it says "To book:" select which workbook to insert the sheets into

where it says "Before sheet" you can select which order you want them to go into

put a tick in the box at the bottom of this window where it says "Create a copy" otherwise it will physically move the sheets and you may wish to keep them as backups in their original form.

There are a variety of other ways, but the above will get you off to a start without confusing the issue too much.

  Amethyst75 12:59 14 Apr 2003

I have multiple one sheet workbooks but I want to add eg Jan, Feb and March's sheets together to give me a quarterly sheet that shows the combined total of the 3 months.

  Megatyte 13:15 14 Apr 2003

The best way to do this is to follow Tarans' instructions so that all sheets are in the same workbook. When you've done this if, for example you have 12 sheets (1 for each month) then add an extra sheet, select the cell in which you need your totals and type "=SUM(Sheet1:Sheet3!B4" without the quotes, where B4 is your target cell. This will add the values of B4 on sheets 1 to 3. =SUM(Sheet2:Sheet8!F5 will add the values of F5 on sheets 2 to 8.


  Megatyte 13:20 14 Apr 2003

=SUM(Sheet1:Sheet3!B4) with closed parenthesis.


  cherria 16:25 14 Apr 2003

If you want to leave them seperate, its not a problem.

to add cell A1 in workbooks Jan03.xls, Feb03.xls and Mar03.xls (assuming the sheet is called sheet1 in each case)


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