ponytail 07:51 28 May 2011

I have two queries using excel 1 I know how to widen the columns but how do I make the rows wider.2 I have a spreadsheet and when it is full I save it and start another one.I want the various headings to be in Bold,Italic and a certain size lettering but when I have done one heading and move to the next one bold and italic are not highlighted and the letter size has gone back to 11.How do I get these settings to stay as I want untill I have completed all the headings

  wiz-king 08:02 28 May 2011

What version of Excel?

  BT 08:04 28 May 2011

To make a row wider just put the cursor on the line between the numbers and drag down.

If you put 'widen rows' in the search box it will give you the details of how to do all rows.

If you want your new spreadsheet to be the same as the old one you can just erase the data from a COPY of your old one like this:

* Press F5 to display the "Go To" box. Select the "Special" button. Choose the "Constants" button and remove the ticks from the Text, Logicals, and Error boxes. "Numbers" should be the ONLY box ticked. When you click "OK", every numeric cell across the spreadsheet will be selected. Now manually press "Delete" to delete the values. If you have text in the spreadsheet aswell, you would just de-select the "Numbers" option and select the "Text" option*

  ponytail 08:09 28 May 2011

Microsoft office excel 2007

  ponytail 08:56 28 May 2011

I am using Microsoft Office Excel 2007

  ponytail 09:14 28 May 2011

Hi wiz-king I am using Microsoft Office Excel 2007

  VoG II 10:09 28 May 2011

If you always want the same layout you can use a template click here

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