Excel 2007 irritation

  skeletal 19:25 10 Mar 2008

Well, I’m still trying to get to grips with Office 2007 and haven’t got round to trying any tool bar fettlers yet, but I keep getting a really irritating problem with Excel.

If I click on the Excel program shortcut, it opens immediately and shows empty Sheets 1/2/3 just like Office 2003.

But, if I click on a spreadsheet file, it opens Excel, but the spreadsheet itself does not appear, I just get the pale blue background. In the bottom left there is a tiny message saying “Ready”. On one occasion it got into a right state and froze everything with a message saying Excel did not have enough resources. I had to use task manager to shut it down.

Although I can’t be sure exactly how I do it, I can do things like maximise and minimise and the spreadsheet can suddenly appear. Also, if I just leave it for ages, the sheet can also appear.

If Excel is already open, and I click on a spreadsheet, it opens immediately.

It thus looks like I cannot use a spreadsheet file to open automatically, immediately; I have to have Excel open first.

Is this impediment to productivity a “feature”?


  csqwared 19:34 10 Mar 2008

You don't say which OS you're using or amount of memory installed. I have read that Office 2007 restricts certain features if less than 1GB RAM is installed - "Grammar and contextual spelling in Word is not turned on unless the machine has 1 GB memory."

Can't offer anything anymore concrete I'm afraid.

  VoG II 20:03 10 Mar 2008

Click the Office button > Excel Options > Advanced > scroll down to General and make sure that 'Ignore other applications' is not ticked.

  skeletal 20:48 10 Mar 2008

I never think to put computer details (doh!!). However, I would be surprised if mine would not be able to run it OK: Core duo E6700, 2 Gig RAM. Win XP Media Centre Edition SP2, Office 2007 Enterprise SP1.

Ignore other applications that use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) is NOT ticked. Also, “At startup” there are no files to open. To be clear, I assume this is the correct state of affairs.

By your replies, I assume you guys can open files quickly!


  VoG II 21:03 10 Mar 2008

The behaviour that you are experiencing is abnormal.

Try Office button > Excel options > Resources > Diagnosis.

  skeletal 22:18 10 Mar 2008

Oh dear, this is going from bad to worse. I tried running the Diagnosis software and it crashes when it looks at the disc. I get an error message box with three buttons saying: Exception Processing Message c0000a3 Parameters 75b6bf9c4 75b6bf9c 75b6bf9c.

Googling this and there are all sorts of reasons suggested including a virus, M$ updates going wrong, having a card reader plugged in and stuff like itunes.

However, there may be a hint that it is trying to find a disc drive that isn’t there (and when Excel starts, perhaps it is doing something similar??).

Anyway, far too late to start this massive quest so I’ll leave it for another day.

Any thoughts on why my filing system is suddenly screwed (???) would be welcome in the meantime.


  achinjbp 06:25 11 Mar 2008

i m from india, using excel 2007, dont know the exact version but its part of office enterprise edition 2007 i want to know that while using the autosum funtion, it can total figures if decimal is in place like if i write 2,111.00 + 2,111.00 it will display total in the next cell using autosum function 4,222.00 but what if i want to replace decimal in place of "=". For ex i woul like to write figures in this way 2,111=00 + 2,111=00 = 4,222=00
if it is possible please guide me through

  xania 09:13 11 Mar 2008


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