excel 2007 corruption

  henstock 16:46 16 Apr 2008

Hi all,

I've currently got a problem with the Excel 2007. i'll try to describe the problems as i found them.

Finance have 2 seperate instances of Excel open, they copy from one xlsx spreadsheet to another xlsx spreadsheet (seperate instances)
the first time they copy somehting it works fine
the second time they copy somehting it will coppy the cell structure, but the content will be empty

from this i thought it might have been a clipboard error, but the clipboard works perfectly well in most cases.

I asked around the office if this happened to anyone else, and it hasen't so i tried looking at why...
We've recently updated from office 2003 to office 2007 and finannce are one of the few sections that have updated their spreadhseets to Excel 2007, this isn't unique but they are the only ones that are copying from a converted excel document into another converted excel document.

After the user playign around for a bit he found out that it took maybe 20 copy / pastes between the 2 instances of Excel before one of them would corrupt.
When it corrupts it comes up with this message

Excel found unreadable content in 'MyExcelDocument.xlsx', Do you want to recover the contents of this workbook?
If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes.

Clicking no will stop everything, clicking Yes will bring up a further error message box with

Repais to 'MyExcelDocument.xlsx'

Excel was able to open the file by repairing or removing the unreadable contnet.

Removed records: Style from /xl/styles.xml part (Styles)
Removed Records: Format from /xl/styles.xml part (Styles)

and as you can guess from the error message the spreadsheet is stripped of all the formatting finance have done on the spreadsheet, this is quit unacceptable for them as the formatting means as much as the data inside of it does... eg red is high priority, green is low priority ect.

I've foudn a work around by stretching a single instance of Excel between the 2 monitors and have the 2 documents open in one instance, but the ribbon bar stretches and goes between the 2 screens making ti quite difficult to use.

They have now gone back to using Excel format of 2003 that still works perfectly well even though this is now against company policy.

Can anybody suggest to me a way to fix this problem?

Thanks in advanced

Dave Henstock

  VoG II 16:55 16 Apr 2008

This is the nearest I could find but it doesn't really address your issue. Might give you a hint though click here

  henstock 17:26 16 Apr 2008

Hi Vog, thanks for the quick response, unfortunatly i'm not sure thats related at all

the spreadsheet only consists of data, simple formula, cell alignments and cell background colours...

  VoG II 17:28 16 Apr 2008

I suggest that you ask on a dedicated XL forum like MrExcel click here

  fyz 14:59 18 Apr 2008


I think you can try a utility called Advanced Excel Repair to repair your Excel file. It works rather well for my corrupt Excel files. Its web address is click here

Hope this helps.


  henstock 15:24 18 Apr 2008

Alan, I've seen you post the exact same message on tons and tons of Excel problems, your companies application is expensive for a problem that shoulnd't exist, and it dosen't solve the problem, it adds another thing you have to do to fix a spreadsheet that shouldn't be broken in the first place.

now what would be helpfull would be if you could find a way to resolve this problem to stop it happening. there is no point fixing a spreadsheet that has had the style sheet stripped from it, when it's the style sheet that you want to keep.

excel 2007 is prefectly capable of fizing a corrupted spreadsheet for free. it's the style sheet i need to keep intact and the actually having this not happen in the first place is what i'm really looking for

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