Excel 2007 Conditional Formatting

  phil.smith 20:50 09 Jun 2007

I have Excel 2007. I would like to format a cell so that when a particular date is reached, the cell changes colour on the spreadsheet. ie if I set a cell with a date 21st June, when this date is reached it would change colour to alert me.

Anyone know how please?

many thanks


  VoG II 21:05 09 Jun 2007

Home > Conditional Formatting > New Rule > Use a formula ... > In Format Values... > =A1>=21/6/2007 > click Format, select your fprmat and click OK twice.

  phil.smith 21:26 09 Jun 2007

Thanks VoG - will give it a try


  Abel 10:27 10 Jun 2007

Hello VoG™, I do hope this isn't seen as hijacking this thread but I can't relate the information you give for Excel 2007 to the 2003 version and I would like to understand the facility. Is it appropriate to ask for your further advice here?


  VoG II 10:38 10 Jun 2007

In Excel 2003 (and other versions back to Excel 97):

Click in A1, Format > Conditional Formatting > for 'Cell Value Is' select 'greater than or equal to' > for the value enter 21/6/2007 > click the Format button, select a format then click OK twice.

  VoG II 10:43 10 Jun 2007

There are a couple of tutorials click here

Before Excel 2007 there was a limit of 3 formats (4 if you count the default format). In Excel 2007 the number of conditional formats is limited only by available memory.

  Abel 19:52 10 Jun 2007

Thanks for the reminder VoG™! I had bookmarked this site from a previous thread you recommended it on. As a general comment, anyone who has an Excel problem could well find their answer here. Also, for those of us who dislike reading the techy stuff, these are spoken tutorials with visual examples.


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