Excel 2003 Help - How to Highlight search resukts?

  Toni B 18:05 10 Nov 2007

Hello Forum

Any power Excel users out there,

I would like to highlight search results in Excel 2003, the current default option is very difficult to see as it is almost the same colour as the page itself ,I would like to highlight the cell(s) found with another colour is this possibe? if so how?

Regards Toni

  Legolas 18:12 10 Nov 2007

Ok I'm no expert but I think if you click into the cell you want to hghlight and choose format from the top menu and then conditional formatting then format you can choose patterns which allows you to change the colour for the highlighted cell.

  Toni B 18:18 10 Nov 2007

Hello Legolas thank you for the time to read and reply to my query.

What I need is..... when I do a search of the spread sheet (ctrl + F) I want any results to my search query highlighted in a different colour so that it/ they stand out,the current settings are very difficult to see as it is nearly identical to the background of the spreadsheet itself

Thanks Toni

  Fermat's Theorem 18:26 10 Nov 2007

you can just highlight all the relevant cells and, as Legolas has pointed out, enter the criterion for your search - i.e., >5, <7 etc., and choose the format that will make your results stand out for you in your spreadsheet.

Hope this helps :-)

  Fermat's Theorem 18:28 10 Nov 2007

... Should have said "enter the criterion for your search in the "Conditional Formatting" module ...

  Legolas 19:05 10 Nov 2007

Ah Toni

  Legolas 19:07 10 Nov 2007

Ah I see what you are after now unfortunately that is outside my very limited knowledge of excel. You Need VOG as he is an excel wizard

  VoG II 19:36 10 Nov 2007

I don't know any native feature for doing this. You could use a macro. ALT + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor, Insert > Module. Copy and paste in

Sub FindHighlight()
Dim tempCell As Range, Found As Range, sTxt
Set Found = Range("A1")
sTxt = InputBox("Enter value for search")
Set tempCell = Cells.Find(what:=sTxt, After:=Found)
If tempCell Is Nothing Then
MsgBox "Not found"
Exit Sub
Set Found = tempCell
Found.Interior.ColorIndex = 6
End If
Set tempCell = Cells.FindNext(After:=Found)
If Found.Row >= tempCell.Row And Found.Column >= tempCell.Column Then Exit Do
Set Found = tempCell
Found.Interior.ColorIndex = 6
End Sub

Close the VBE. Tools > Macro > Macros, highlight FindHighlight and click the Run button.

Please note that the macro will use whatever the settings are in the Find dialog. Also, like most macros, there is no Undo.

  Toni B 19:48 10 Nov 2007

I did actually try the above from VOG but I am sure it will be useful to others.

I was trying a trial software called
Excel Quick Search 1.3 it did nothing to resolve my problem ( it is very similar to the default search options within excel) so I uninstalled it now when I search the excel spreadsheet for a word via the search function (ctrl + F) if there is a result matching my query the cell is highlighted not by colour but by a thick border around cell in question.
So my problem is resolved as I can now see the search results. I do not do anything other than install and uninstall the above mentioned programe,

I was also amazed at the speed google indexed this query. With in a few minutes this thread actually came top google.com when trying to find an answer.

Thanks For you help


  Legolas 19:57 10 Nov 2007

Toni I'm glad you resolved this but I am a bit puzzled as my version of excel always puts a thick black border round any active cell and as far as I'm aware that is the default.

VOG I tried your solution and as I thought it works a treat. You are the excel king :)

  Toni B 20:03 10 Nov 2007

Before problem was resolved the border was only a fraction different to the entire spread sheet and so it was extremely difficult to actually see the search results,maybe over the past year I accidentally changed something and now it back to default settings??

Regards Toni

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