Excel 2003 to Excel mobile help

  Koochy 14:06 18 Oct 2007

i have a small problem at the minute, i have just bought a pda for work and i have a lot of excel worksheets that i need to transfer to the pda the only problem is - when i try to transfer them across windows tells me that the program may only be stored on the pda as it is not compatible with Excel mobile.
Is there any way of converting these files to excel mobile

OS Vista home premium or XP pro (On different lappys)
excel 2003 on both lappys (but i have a copy of office 2000 if needed

Pda = Microsoft windows mobile 5 and excel mobile (unsure if this is dated or what version it is)

Any ideas please.


how are you transferring files?
click here
click here
Koochy,never owned one,something to look at whilst awaiting replies,i could be on the wrong track sorry:-)

  silverous 15:10 18 Oct 2007

There must be some feature in the sheets that mobile excel doesn't like - you'd have to save as a different format (can you save as an earlier version of excel?) or remove such features (i'd imagine macros that kind of thing).

I'm not aware of a converter but if it is just for reference you could save them all as HTML or some other portable format.

second link should be
click here

this may help a little too fyi
click here

  Koochy 15:56 18 Oct 2007

Thanks to one and all i will give your links a try.
Some of the files do actually contain macros but others don't - i have also tried saving as an earlier version but still no joy.
I will try the links above and post back to let you know how i get on.


  Koochy 08:17 19 Oct 2007

Still can't get the files to work - looks like i will just have to sit and type them in manually.
Oh the joys.
Thanks to all for your input.

  silverous 09:21 19 Oct 2007

Like I said, do you just need them for reference?
If so you could convert to html/pdf?

  Koochy 10:30 19 Oct 2007

Thanks for the reply - I actually need them as working Sheets - the cells have formulas in them that i need to do my job so i really need them to be working but if you have any other suggestions please feel free.
I have just managed to get some of them across and they are working okay but others still won't have any of it - i don't know what it is that is stopping them from going as some of the ones i have sent have macros in them. So it must be something else stopping them from working.

  Koochy 12:51 22 Oct 2007


  Koochy 21:56 29 Oct 2007

for all your help but to let you know i have given up and put the pda up for sale.
ßeta i tried the program you provided and it did manage to convert some of the files but not all i think it was something to do with the macros.


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