Excel 2003 & decimal point question

  exdragon 14:56 02 Apr 2006

Hi - I think I've got a mental block or am being very stupid: I've downloaded my bank statement into Excel 2003 and it's showing the correct figures but without any decimal points, as in £546 instead of £5.46.

If I increase the decimal points, I get £546.00. If I divide the negative (payments made) amounts by 100, I get the correct figure, then I can increase the decimal point if it's a whole number.

How can I get the same result with the positive entries? Or is there some other way of selecting the whole statement and 'decimalising' it? I can't find anything in ASAP either.

i would say that the bank are having problems with their downloading, but I'd like to be able to sort it out now.


  johnnyrocker 15:00 02 Apr 2006

can you not format currency with decimal points?


  exdragon 15:05 02 Apr 2006

If I format £546 to 2 decimal places, I get £546.00, when what I actually want is £5.46.

  VoG II 15:10 02 Apr 2006

Type 100 into a blank cell then click Copy.

Select all of the data, Edit|Paste Special, tick Divide and click OK.

  exdragon 15:25 02 Apr 2006

To the rescue once again. Just out of interest, why did -546/10 work, when 546/100 didn't?

  Simsy 19:49 02 Apr 2006

that the figure appear incorrect in the firat place?

Clutching at in the dark rather, I'd say the problem lies in one of the following...

There is something inherently wrong with the downloaded data...

You've got much more money than you thought, due to a bank error?

The cells that the data is downloaded into is/was formatted as percentage.... When a cell is formatted as percentage it, bassically, multiplies the value by 100... eg 5.46 expressed as a percentage is 546%

I'm clutching at straws rather, but perhaps these thoughts may help you get to the bottom of it. I can't believe that the correction method suggested, (though it works), should be needed!



  exdragon 19:57 02 Apr 2006

It'd would indeed be nice if I actually had the figure the bank seems to think I have! It just seemed really odd that the negative figures could be corrected, not the positives.

However, on the plus side, it's sorted, reconciled and filed away!

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