Excel 2003

  johnincrete 16:25 23 Feb 2009

I have 2 columns: Date and DayName
Entered date 08/01/2009 in Date column and dragged down to fill the column with consecutive dates.
Entered Thursday in DayName and dragged down. Previously, it automatically put Friday in the next row and then consecutive day names. Now it just fills the column with Thursday as if it is just text rather than day name.
What am I doing wrong?

  Kevscar1 16:46 23 Feb 2009

Put Thurs in top one Friday below then Saturday. Hgighlight all 3 then hover mouse above botton right corner until you get + left click and drag down as far as you want to go. let go and Hey Presto

  johnincrete 16:50 23 Feb 2009

Done that but it gives me Thursday Friday Saturday repeated
It's so strange because I've done it OK many times before

  Kevscar1 18:36 23 Feb 2009

Strange did it both ways on mine and it worked OK.
The only think you can do is enter the 7 days and then do the pull down

  johnincrete 09:39 24 Feb 2009

The version of Excel giving problems is Student & Teacher edition. It works OK on another version which is Professional. Question now is: can the feature be added to student & teacher edition?

Has anyone got student & teacher version of Office 2007 that they could check please? I've been thinking of upgrading to 2007 and since money is tight, I lean towards the cheap version of 2007 but don't want to lose this Excel feature

  Noldi 11:45 24 Feb 2009

You can try this

In the column you need the day for example.

24/03/2009 in A1 then enter this formula in B1 =TEXT(B1;"dddd") this will give you the day change the amount of "d" to give you how the day is displayed ddd = Tu, dddd = Tuesday.


  Noldi 11:47 24 Feb 2009

Sorry should be A1 in the formula not B1 "der"



  Fermat's Theorem 13:25 24 Feb 2009

Kevscar's method as per his 18:36 post on 23/02/09 works fine for me, and I am using the Student & Teacher version of Excel.

If you want an alternative method, go to the Editing tab, choose Fill, and then Series, Day.

Hope this helps :-)

  johnincrete 17:40 24 Feb 2009

Sorry but I'm really an absolute beginner!!
How do I "enter this formula". I clicked on Fx and I got a chance to select a standard formula but not the oportunity to enter yours.

  johnincrete 17:42 24 Feb 2009

As I posted to Noldi, I really am an absolute beginner!! What is "editing tab"?

  Noldi 06:22 25 Feb 2009

When you selected Fx you should look at all categories and find TEXT

OK select cell B1 and type in the formula =TEXT(A1;"dddd") this formula gives you the day of the week that is entered in cell A1.

After that select and copy cell B1, paste all the way down column B (or as far down as required).

This s the way I work with dates and week days.


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