excel 2000 - using find in all sheets

  badgermansix 13:08 23 Mar 2008

Is there any way that I can configure "Find" in Excel 2000, so that it will look in each sheet automatically, i.e. if I use find in sheet 1, it will scan sheet 1, and then look in sheets 2,3 etc.
At the moment I have to use "Find" in each indiviual sheet to look for something.


  Fermat's Theorem 13:58 23 Mar 2008

in Excel 2007 there is an option to find "within sheet" or "within workbook".

Hope this helps :-)

  VoG II 14:16 23 Mar 2008

One way click here

Or you can use a macro

Sub FindAllSheets()
Dim Found As Range, ws As Worksheet, LookFor As Variant
LookFor = InputBox("Enter value to find")
If LookFor = "" Then Exit Sub
For Each ws In ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets
Set Found = ws.Cells.Find(what:=LookFor)
If Not Found Is Nothing Then Exit For
Next ws
If Found Is Nothing Then
MsgBox LookFor & " not found.", vbExclamation
Application.Goto reference:=Found, scroll:=True
End If
End Sub

To use this press ALT + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor, Insert > Module then copy and paste the above code. Close the VBE using the X. Tools > Macro > Macros, highlight FindAllSheets and press the Run button.

  badgermansix 17:54 24 Mar 2008

Thank you both, I think VoG™, solution is the obvious for me, use the shift key to select the pages required, as I only have a few it is ideal.
I did have a look for a solution, and have quite a large informative book on Excel, but it just did not mention anything about seqrching all pages.

Thanks again.

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