Josquius 18:22 30 Mar 2004

On excel I've got a combo box which from its selected cells has dates and the word Date.
It shows you a list of the dates when you click on it however when you select one of the selections it gets turned into code form. (i.e. 30-Mar-04 is 38076).
Any ideas about this? The VB about that combobox doesn't work with it like this as it doesn't recognise it as being a date. Also it looks bad.

  VoG II 18:28 30 Mar 2004

You need some code for the combo box.

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()

ComboBox1.Value = Format(ComboBox1.Value, "dd/mm/yy")

End Sub

Obviously use the actual name instead of ComboBox1

  VoG II 18:28 30 Mar 2004

Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()

ComboBox1.Value = Format(ComboBox1.Value, "dd/mm/yyyy")

End Sub

  Muckle 18:31 30 Mar 2004

Its not something as straight forward as having formulas displayed is it?
(Go to Tools, Options, View and make sure there's no tick in the Formulas box)

  Josquius 18:35 30 Mar 2004

Thanks. The date code thing works. Odd how it didn't to begin with...

Is there anyway to set excel to allow me to use English dates (dd/mm/yy) rather then just American dates or number and word mixers?

  VoG II 18:37 30 Mar 2004

To get Excel (and some other MS programs) to use British date formats, you need to set that in Control Panel. In Windows XP under Regional and Language Options.

  Josquius 18:40 30 Mar 2004

Arg, I have to match the date up to the date format I'm using. (dd-month 3 letters- yy)

  VoG II 18:45 30 Mar 2004

Not quite sure I follow.

That date format is expressed as "dd-mmm-yy"

  Josquius 18:48 30 Mar 2004

I mean like for today 30-mar-2004 (my mistake with the year).
Its the closest to British I can get.

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