Ex-pat and non UK users

  Agent Smith 16:57 17 Jun 2003

It's just occurred to me that a considerable number of forum users are either Ex-pats or non UK residents. When people ask "where can I get so and so or this and that" I for one assume that I am reading a request from someone who has access to the same high street shops or out of town facilities that most of us enjoy. Even down here in deepest Cornwall we don't have the choice that is available to those of you who live in or near to bigger shopping complexes. We only recently got a PC World here about 18 months ago, before that I had to wait until I visited relatives in Wiltshire and Hampshire to visit this chain store. The point I am trying to make is, could people state whether they are looking for a geographical shop or an online outlet. Hope this makes sense.

  Sapins 18:02 17 Jun 2003

I would be very grateful for info on any supplier who delivers to France. (and offers a guarantee/after sales service etc:)If Amazon and most compatible cartridge suppliers can do it with no problem how about some of the "Larger" suppliers?

  golfpro 20:06 17 Jun 2003

If its hardwear, my advice would be to search your local stores, in most cases it is less expensive. On the other hand if its softwear your after (IN ENGLISH) then you have no choice but to buy off the net, unless you have a local suppler who will obtain said product for you.
G.P. Austria.

  polymath 21:48 17 Jun 2003

Yes Agent Smith, it makes perfect sense. I live in rural Donegal, Ireland, so when asking something that might involve recommending suppliers, I try to make it clear, to avoid people wasting time saying 'just pop down to x'.

And thank you for realising we don't all have access to everything, or live in the UK. I wish companies did the same! Some do, but many don't even bother to say whether competitions, offers etc. are UK only.

I think PC Advisor's competitions do state they're UK only. But I've just done a PC Advisor online survey, in the hope of winning a TFT monitor. It said nothing about eligibility - I hpoe they didn't just forget!

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