ew Laptop/router how do I get started (wireless)?

  AllZwell 16:03 07 Oct 2006

Hello :)

I just purchased a laptop from PC world (Toshiba A100 (£799), and it says "Wireless Enabled" in the spec.

I brought a Router (Belkin 802.11g+) and I hadn't a clue about wireless pc's to *start* with.

What I want to do simply, is have a wireless laptop round the house while using my desktop as "fixed". What connections do I do need to go wireless then??? Do I need something extra? - as I tried all the set up functions on the screen (modem into router, and to the laptop, then a "blue cable that goes in the back, then turn the router on etc etc).
It then detects

Even if this worked (which it doesn't) how will I be able to go wireless??? (There is some sort of connection - "wireless enabled" at 54 mps, but when I try to connect to the internet it (click on Explorer) it won't connect, simple as that.

Please help!! :)((

EDIT: do I need any more attachments for my laptop (NetWare adapters or something???) I was assuming that the "wireless enabled" would do the job, along with my router but really am stuck/


AW (newbie - sorry for long post)

  ade.h 16:53 07 Oct 2006

click here - Apologies that the Belkin guide is not yet on the site; it will be in a few days, time permitting. If I answered all your questions in full here, I would go far beyond the character limit!

  AllZwell 17:04 07 Oct 2006

Cheers Ade.h

I'm a little impatient I guess,!lol and trying to do it all in one day - and ending up with that "trial and error" syndrome. I will read all the instrucions that came with the belkin, but still not sure what Wireless enabled and Belkin router may have in commo, since I can get s wireless connection (even as I write, my laptop is here, and says "wireless network connection status: Connected
Network: Belkin54G
Duration 5 mins 20 secs
speed: 54Mbps
Signal strength (two green bars)

hold on somethings happened........

  ade.h 17:13 07 Oct 2006

To be clear: you will not get a functioning wireless connection until you have completed the configuration of the router, because there currently is none. I hope you are not connecting to another network....

( into a browser while a client is connected via Ethernet. Boot the router well before the client to allow the DHCP server to initialise).

  AllZwell 17:14 07 Oct 2006

Not sure what happened here but the laptop is **now connected** to the internet (I clicked on explorer)MSN home page. To make sure I wasn't seeing things, I opened Messenger - and that worked too - it did cut off for a minute though - and when I did open messenger (MSN) - it opened on this computer too!??(confused) NO ROUTER is connected at all btw, so I will have a look.

The switch (wireless enabled) on my laptop is on of course, but it did'nt work last night, and I'm a little worried at the moment (mainly security???) Could my being close to this pc (3 feet ) have anything to do with it?

>>>>welcome to wireless networking!


Will go to your guide when up!

  ade.h 17:16 07 Oct 2006

Make sure that you read click here and click here as soon as you can.

  AllZwell 17:33 07 Oct 2006

Thanks ade, I have turned the laptop off now, and will read that link (wouldn't work with click BTW had to right click copy url then open)and sit down and read a little. Just wondering why it works "all of a sudden" (it was AM in the ealy hours of the morning mind when it didn't work, if that means anything.


Will read that FAQ/Security Article

  AllZwell 18:07 11 Oct 2006

Well, I got as far as setting the modem up (unconventional way) - in which my phone connecter had two RJ11's so one went to modem, one to router (Belkin54G) , and I was set up on broadband while going through the process - and the wizard (belkin) took me through etc. (my modems a Speedtouch 330 usb)

I restarted my pc after all this, and my wireless switch was turned on. "a connection is enabled here" etc, and I selected my name from the "choose a wireless network". Well my name is there, I click to connect, sometimes it "connects" other times I get "Acquiring network address", and if that connects, it will sometimes say: £limited or no connection£ (or something like that).

It WAS connected then (with the *star* on it to say I was connected), but when I click on IE (or any other internet connection) it will not work/connect

The one that connects easiest is the BELKIN54G - and that's the name it displays - and always has a strong signal (as opposed to my user names weak signal.

My Router has only the psu connected to it, and there are two solid lights - with the right one flashing. is this the norm?.

Do I need the Router connected to something else? - as it is just sittng near the laptop connected to nothing (with no lan/modem wired in etc) - maybe my router should be connected to my desktop????

Sorry, can't work it out:(



  Strawballs 22:49 11 Oct 2006

That is worrying if you have one to modem and one to router I am assuming that you get your broadband via phone line in which case you need a combined modem/router and you should not be using you original modem. What is the model is your router?

  AllZwell 23:25 11 Oct 2006


This is the one:

click here
Not sure whether modems in-built or not - but if not, then surely there's a way to get it working??

  AllZwell 23:35 11 Oct 2006

No, there's no in-built modem.

My existing modem I have is a Speedtouch 330 - with USB to pc connection and RJ11 to phone socket. When I am setting up the BELKIN I am asked to connect the modem to the router. However, if I do this, were does the USB lead come in that's only available then?, Quite frustrating this has beem:((



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