Evidence Eliminator/Internet washer

  Mechtal01 21:36 11 Jan 2003
  Mechtal01 21:36 11 Jan 2003

Are these of any benefit? I quite like the idea of clearing my computer of unwanted internet clutter, but would worry about them interfering with the general running/function of the computer-I'm not an expert and don't have endless time ti try to fix things.
Does anybody have any experience of these or advice?
Thank you.

  Lú-tzé 21:50 11 Jan 2003

Use the tools built into Internet Explorer to delete temporary internet files, cookies, history etc.

The progs you mention are designed to automate the process for you - at a cost of some few dollars.

Try something like Langa's cleanup batch progs to automate the cleanup procedure (and they are free): click here

  mikef™ 22:25 11 Jan 2003

Have a look here click here and click here

  brianthesnail 07:15 12 Jan 2003

Internet clutter can be removed with the utilities already installed in Windows/IE/Opera/Netscape, whichever version you have.

Follow Lú-tzé's advice and also do a regular "disk cleanup": Start > (All) Programs> Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup.


  TheMainMan 08:44 12 Jan 2003

I found out that most washer(s) do not remove all the data in the Temp Intenet Folder. This involves index.dat Index.dat is still intact in the Temp Intenet Folder, when cleaning your system from any traces of intenet activity. With Evidence Eliminator it removes everything from your system and the internet activity (Safe Restart) option.

Secondly it underwrites the files so you are unable to recover those files.


The removal of cookies only involves IE6

  brianthesnail 10:32 12 Jan 2003

It is easy to remove cookies in Netscape and Opera. Indeed Opera can be set so as to delete all cookies on closure - perhaps the others can as well.

When all is said, though, these eliminator programs feed on paranoia. They may remove "evidence" as far as you or I are concerned but there software available (and in a super form exclusively for the "authorities") that can find all sorts of things that you believe had been removed from your hard drive. The most reliable way to clean your hard drive to guarantee there is nothing there that shouldn't be is with a Brillo pad on the platters.

Shouldn't worry about it. General housekeeping will keep your computer running as it ought.


  Mechtal01 11:01 12 Jan 2003

Thank you all very much! Problem solved I think.

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