Evidence Eliminater

  vassos 09:20 22 Aug 2006

Any comments please on this download. Single user priced at approx. £40. Testimonials seem ok. Any thoughts? Thanks Vassos.

  €dstowe 09:27 22 Aug 2006

Who are you hiding things from?

If it's your spouse then simple delete should be adequate unless he/she is very computer savvy.

If it's the authorities, you're wasting your money. There are ways of recovering information from computers that you think are "clean" including the efforts of these eliminator programs.

The best thing, of course, is not to download or have anything on your computer that shouldn't be there.

Note ignore "testimonials" - they are most likely written by the same people who wrote the program.

  VoG II 09:32 22 Aug 2006

click here free.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:54 22 Aug 2006

click here you may care to look here before buying something that you do not need.


ps. your ISP keeps records of all your websites visited so EE is pretty much useless.

  rawprawn 11:45 22 Aug 2006

click here Been using it for years (Quite often updated) to wipe financial data.
Unless you are trying to hide from the authorities this will do what you want.

  spuds 11:54 22 Aug 2006

The only way to eliminate evidence, is to put the hard drive into a red/white hot foundry process.

I have a program called Wincleaner Ultra Destroy-it, which 'Meets and Exceeds Data Destruction Standards Set By The U.S. Dept. of Defense'. Sounds very impressive, and was purchased for only about £6.00 at the time, from a Ebuyer Clearance Sale. Don't know if it works to expectations,or forensic testing, as it was basically bought as a delivery charge 'fill-in', then was put in the 'to perhaps try one day box'.

Use VoG's link, at least the programs free. There are other sites like click here and click here who could also provide similar programs.

  Belatucadrus 12:13 22 Aug 2006

Evidence Eliminator use scare tactics to try and get people to buy their overpriced product (£84.07) and make ludicrous claims as to how it'll improve PC performance. It also says "Defeat Forensics 100% safe, Buy now before it's too late" Total rubbish, can't be done. A well equipped forensic team can always recover data from an intact hard drive. And too late for what, who's after you ? The only 100% option is a ball peign hammer and some elbow grease.
This product is high on my list of programs not to touch with the proverbial bargepole.
Use Eraser click here or Ultrawipe click here Both will do the job and neither will empty the wallet.

  Sethhaniel 12:33 22 Aug 2006

click here

clears your tracks ;) for free

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:45 22 Aug 2006

To stop this travelling any further into the realms of fantasy, just use Ccleaner click here. It will do all you need and is free.


  vassos 14:20 22 Aug 2006

Thanks guys - enough to work on. Actually, I've nothing to erase that I'm ashamed off, from my wife or any other. Simply asking a question. I had a scare with an old PC I passed on to some school teachers in Greece and later found they had possession of quite a lot of my financial details. Nothing underhand and not running fom anybody. Thanks again, I appreciate your input and before I'm told that I shouldn't commit private details to my hard disk -we all live and learn.

  Diversion 14:49 22 Aug 2006

click here This program is used to ensure that Evidence Eliminater is doing it's job, the files that E.E. leaves behind this program will find them, and best of all it's free.

Regards D

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