Eveshams reputation for good laptops ?

  Craigmave 19:44 21 Apr 2004

Hi there. Can anyone tell me if they have an Evesham laptop and if Evesham have a good reputation. I am thinking of investing in a laptop from them. Many thanks.

  DAG88 19:58 21 Apr 2004

Evesham have a very good reputation in general (Especially for aftersales support) and yes they do sell laptops

  DAG88 20:00 21 Apr 2004

just to add to that, it is an Evesham laptop that tops the PCA power notebook chart.

  Daveson 20:07 21 Apr 2004

great, sounds good. What do you rekon to this laptop if you dont mind. I could do with some views. click here am also thinking of upping the ram to 1gb...

  Daveson 20:07 21 Apr 2004

sorry i mean 1024 MB ...

  Daveson 20:15 21 Apr 2004

i had a bit of a name change also halfway through this post.

  DAG88 20:27 21 Apr 2004

looks good. only thing that looks a weak is the graphics however that will only be a problem if you are a gamer.
I also recall that Evesham laptops are heavier than the average which may be a problem if you are using it as a protable a lot but not if it going to be a desktop replacment.

What are you planning to use the laptop for?

  Daveson 20:32 21 Apr 2004

well i was planning to use it on the move quite a bit. I know that laptops are not really for gameing, but i am makeing that sacrifice. I plan to use the laptop mainly for updateing websites, work, video editing and picture editing really. I have had a TIME laptop before but it was soo slow so i am after a fast reliable laptop with plent of storage. Thanks.

  Daveson 20:59 21 Apr 2004

i guess that the weight of the machine would be i bit of a hassel.

  DAG88 21:37 21 Apr 2004

the spec seems good for all tasks you have listed apart from 1. i have never done video-editing before but i would guess that a 32MB intergrated graphics card would struggle. someone correct me if im wrong but i think you would need at least a 64 MB seperate card or even better a 128MB one.

  Daveson 21:56 21 Apr 2004

i am having trouble finding laptops that have 128mb gfx. Does anyone have any references...

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