Evesham v Dell

  arwen29 09:16 14 Jan 2003
  arwen29 09:16 14 Jan 2003

I am in desperate need to chuck out my 8 year old dinosaur in favour of a brand spanking new good value PC, that is powerful enough to handle my small home based business needs. I am looking around £1000 mark or less! I have been looking at pc's from Evesham and Dell. Who is the best in all aspects???

  powerless 09:28 14 Jan 2003

None of them.

They all have there problems.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:42 14 Jan 2003

It is a bit like asking which is better BMW or Mercedes. Both are excellent machines. Dell is used by a lot of businesses and if they were rubbish the word would soon be round. Evesham are also used by many businesses and home users. Both have excellent build quality.If you are not seriously into games then a 2Ghz processor will be more than enough, no point getting a 2.6 or 3Ghz or an expensive graphic card, save the money and buy a better printer.

I'm typing this on an Evesham machine so I am a bit biased but go for the one that suits your needs the best. Either company will be a good move.


  Magik™ 09:49 14 Jan 2003

GANDALF <|:-)> i can answer your question in the first line of your post, Mercedes of course...

anyway, back to the point..this is on an Evesham PC, and i would get another one, but the laptop is a DEll and more than chuffed with it..

so there you have it, i can not answer it..

  powerless 09:54 14 Jan 2003

AMD or Intel again...

An AMD based system tends to be cheaper than a an Intel based system.

There'll both do the same job...

  « Ravin » 12:02 14 Jan 2003

well using a dell so i'm biased towards dell! excellent machine this one.

my advice would be to see which one is offering a better deal and which best suits your needs. one might give you more hard disk space while the other more RAM . you'll have to decide which you need more and go for it rather than looking at which brand to go for.

  fsssh 12:07 14 Jan 2003

from what i've seen in adverts evesham generally give a better spec for the same money, but i dont know what its at the expense of if anything. dells generally seem to have built in graphics which may limit you depending on what you want to do with it. Never heard any really big complaints about either of the two, though my mate has a dell and has never had a problem in three years.

  « Ravin » 12:14 14 Jan 2003

most of the dell desktops support at least agp 4x and come with atleast a basic 16mb graphics card which can be upgraded while ordering.

  arwen29 12:16 14 Jan 2003

Thanks for all the words of advice. It seems that both companies have their fans and both appear to be reputable.
I'm not that knowledgeable on the PC and only really use it for my accounts package, Word, photoshop, and of course the internet.
I shall further investigate both companies and their offers!

  simonp1 12:22 14 Jan 2003

Im using an Evesham, recently purchased ( for work and pleasure) because it suited my requirments. Didn't have to pay for 6months, very good value for money and a technical support centre which i will and have used. If you intend use you it for games then i would say forget Dell go for the Evesham.

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