Evesham Solar 7500

  iqs 10:14 17 Mar 2007

I have selected the spec for my possible next Pc from Evesham.The following are my own personal preferences.Before I buy,how good is it?????

Solar 7500

XP or Vista,not sure

Intel Core2 Due E6400 2.13GHZ



245MB DDR ATI Radeon X1959 PRO

No Monitor

Xpider Case

Multi Format 18x DVD

Sound Blaster Audio

Floppy + 7in1 Card Reader

An extra 16xDVD Rom ( i assume it only comes with the DVD RW)

Platinium Warranty

Total Cost £917.58 inc

Out of 100% how would you rate this Pc ?.Cheers

  iqs 10:40 17 Mar 2007

forgot to add,are there better Pc's available for the same price?....The after care service is also very important..

  iqs 22:12 17 Mar 2007

Sorry :-)

  FatboySlim71 00:09 18 Mar 2007

I purchased an Evesham pc just over 12 months ago and its excellent, its the most reliable pc I have owned, its very stable. I would definately rate Evesham's pc's 110%. My personal choice would be to choose XP, as at present there is a lot of software that is not fully compatible with Vista, I know that personally I am in no hurry to upgrade to it.

I think you have chosen an excellent pc there, its like anything else you get what you pay for, Evesham pc's are may be not the cheapest pc's but they are A1 quality IMO, also you have the Platinum warranty, which if my memory serves me right is the 3 year onsite warranty, as this is the same warranty as I purchased. To be honest, I think that you will be very happy with your choice of pc and also with Evesham's customer service, I have never had to deal with Evesham's customer service but I have friends who have and they tell me that the service is A1.

  anniel 16:20 18 Mar 2007

I bought mine in January 2007 and this is my second Evesham.

The fans were more noisy than they should have been and the engineer arrived promptly to change them.

Now my PC is great and I am very happy with it. Without wanting to sound xenophobic, one of the reasons I prefer Evesham is because of its excellent customer services, based in UK, which gives me more confidence that those I speak to know the machine.

  iqs 20:55 18 Mar 2007

Hello FatboySlim71.
Thank you for your comments.I will probably choose Xp over Vista.Like you say'present there is a lot of software that is not fully compatible with Vista'.Reminds me of the early days of XP.
I have been impressed with comments on the forum regarding Pc's from Evesham,and their aftercare service.You are right, the Platinum is 3 years on site, so piece of mind.Expensive but worth it,money well spent.Thank you :-)

Hello anniel.Thank you for your comments.It nice to know if I have a problem with the Pc,they will quickly arrive and promptly correct the issue/s.This is more important then the spec to be honest.Most companies pretend to care,but when they have your money......

Thank you :-)

Take care and kind regards FatboySlim71 and anniel.

  webb204 21:50 18 Mar 2007

in my opinion evesham are excellent ,i purchased my solar gs pc advisor in november ,just installed the vista premium upgrade yesterday ,i did the upgrade ,rather than the clean install ,everything went well ,i,m still waiting for a one driver ,creative x fi,i,m running the beta version atmo,apart from that i really like it ,dare say that pc seems a bit quicker aswell !

  iqs 11:19 19 Mar 2007

Ref the comments from FatboySlim71...XP or Vista ?

  keef66 12:37 19 Mar 2007

I'd choose XP if I needed it to work with a lot of older aplications and hardware.

If I was starting from scratch I would choose Vista.

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