Evesham or Mesh or Systemax

  gohangold 19:05 17 Feb 2003

There seems to be a rapid decline in decent computer services such as gateway who have left the country and Compaq who have been bought out by HP. There are few decent PC manufacturers which is allowing the British market to get in, without so much of the American competition. I had a Compaq PC I don't know about at the moment, but I bought a compaq PC 5years back and it was worse than bad, Compaq's build was not expert and did not allow me to do things which I wanted 2 years after my purchase there was a rapid increase in the speed of computers.
So I decided to upgrade my computer at which stage I discovered that they had halfed the size of the AGP so that normal ones just would not fit, andother things(which shall make this last too long. But any way Evesham\Mesh and Systemax all have their pros and con's but I believe that Evesham win every time. First test upgradeability
Evesham require tools, Systemaxare also most probably (you'll have to check them) tool also, But Mesh are tool free. Second Online orderability
Evesham where you can change almost always every item with ease - 5, Mesh u cannot change all of the items but most - 3, Systemax slow process where you have to untick each box and wait for it to load before you can change the item - 2. Thirdly times of technical queries\ and of engineer requesting. Each one is around 9-5, with Evesham taking the lowest points for having a lunch break. Finally browsability of web site Evesham is top with 5, Mesh is next, then Systemax. So really tables is Evesham and Mesh in top place and Systemax in second. I did not include Dell in this, as they are a rip off and seem to be on a level unsurpassable to these companies. If you have alot of money get a Dell. If not then get a Mychael recommended computer as dell are high quality but tend to have quite high prices.
I compared Mesh to Evesham and the gap is non existant comparing the gap with dell and evesham is like the atlantic.

  professor 19:15 17 Feb 2003

go with mesh although u cant change some things its ok as mesh use THE VERY BEST motherboards no other manufacturer does without significant price increase mesh however almost always have the very best motherboard fitted as standard and a good motherboard far outweighs ANYTHING else. i mean whats the point in getting a pc if your mainboard is crap??


  AMD 4 ever 19:46 17 Feb 2003

professor..I agree with you 100%, this is one area never to scrimp on money!!

  PSF 19:48 17 Feb 2003

I have a Mesh and Evesahm pc and they both use the same Asus motherboards.

  PSF 19:49 17 Feb 2003

Evesahm = Evesham

  wullie1 22:24 17 Feb 2003

just look at my posts on here about evesham ,one on tonight and do a search for the rest posted by wullie

  Bacon & Eggs 23:00 17 Feb 2003

Has everyone forgotten Multivision? I suppose their almost-disappearance might mean that there are less complaints and less disgruntlage than before...

They have a good site with good customising possibilities, and from personal experience the build quality and service is, well, if not perfect then certainly pretty dern good...

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