Evesham N20 Sat-Nav: Beyond the manual?

  PalaeoBill 19:35 31 Dec 2007

Has anyone attempted to access the undocumented features of the Evesham N20?

I have got as far as connecting the N20 via USB to and XP SP2 PC running Active Sync.
I can access the system drive of the N20 and the SD memory card that I have plugged into it. I can copy mp3 files from PC to N20 and play them on the N20.

I am much more interested in the file format of the Map files and in particular how to get European maps on the beastie. What format, where on the SD card to put them etc..

I think the maps are going to be Smart2go format, which would mean Nokia could be a source but I don't know this for sure.

Any info gratefully received.

  ton 20:18 31 Dec 2007
  PalaeoBill 22:40 31 Dec 2007

Sorry ton, not the right manufacturer. The Evesham N20 is not the same as a Navman N20.
Thanks for trying though.

  johnnyrocker 22:57 31 Dec 2007

maybe here?

click here=


  PalaeoBill 23:35 31 Dec 2007

Sorry johhnyrocker, I should have been more specific. Please take it as read that I have carried out a web search through various search engines, including google, and followed every lead I could find. I also tried all of the forums I could think of. I telephoned and e-mail'd Evesham, Smart2go and Nav-Cam.
What I want is someone who has hacked into the beastie and worked out how it works or has access to some documentation.
Evesham just deny that additional maps are available and claim that certain 'features' are not supported yet. I have already established that the USB sync feature does indeed work.

  johnnyrocker 23:39 31 Dec 2007

sorry you had not informed of the progress to date, up to date info enables one to suggest that which you have not covered.


  PalaeoBill 11:52 01 Jan 2008

No worries johhny, thanks for the interest.

  edd05 23:50 10 Feb 2008

hi pal im also trying put put a map on this thing, my sync thing has even stopped working, have u had any look

  PalaeoBill 18:37 11 Feb 2008

I have had a play around with the configuration files (got the male voice rather than the female working, in English & French just for a laugh) but no real luck with the maps as yet.
The map file is a 148Mb beastie named 'united_kingdom_map.cdt' and it is stored in '\ResidentFlash\Cities'. It looks like a mobile navigator format, which would mean that there are other satnav manufacturers we could use as a potential source, but more pressing things are occupying my time at the moment. I will get back to it at some point and try deciphering the file.

  joehardflec 19:12 17 Aug 2009

I have a road angel navigator 7000 that also has the smart2go mapping. It uses the same 148MB cdt map for the UK. You can buy Europe mapping from road angel. click here
I expect it would work on your sat nav.

  joehardflec 19:19 17 Aug 2009

Just thought I should probably add that my mapping is on SD card, in \sdmmc\Cities\
so you'd most likely need to copy any other mapping into your \Cities\ folder

Also, if you did get anywhere with deciphering the file, I'd love to know if it's possible to edit the file to add in new roads.

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