Evesham laptop very unwell

  Baobab99 14:26 30 May 2008

Hi there

I’ve got a Voyager running Vista bought last August.

It occasionally boots into windows, then freezes, sometimes continually reboots.

Even in bios it freezes and I’ve tried reseating the memory and running memtest from a bootable cd (it froze at the start of the test).

A computer shop called Laptop Repairs Ltd in east London says they will look at it for 30 quid and repair for 140 quid (not inc new mobo if needed). They are sure it’s a loose contact on the mobo and requires resoldering etc. all parts except mobo included.

Does this sound like a likely diagnosis and a reasonable charge?

Thanks so much


  woodchip 14:31 30 May 2008

I would say it clogged with Dust and Fluff round the heat exchanger on cpu. can be a result of using it on soft furnishings like carpet or in bed

  woodchip 14:33 30 May 2008

The rebooting could be a faulty or corrupt driver for some hardware. You may have more than one problem

  crosstrainer 14:36 30 May 2008

The charge for looking at the lappy is about right...The repair charge seems a bit iffy, given that they don't actually know what's wrong with the machine.

The trouble with laptops is they are not user repairable. My advice would be to try another repair outlet.

  Baobab99 14:42 30 May 2008

wow, thanks. that's very helpful.

woodchip: how would I clean the heat exchanger?
Crosstrainer: just wondering, do you know a good repair place in London?


  Halmer 14:45 30 May 2008


  crosstrainer 14:47 30 May 2008

Sorry, I live in Wales but check these out:

click here

click here

Hope it helps.

  birdface 14:52 30 May 2008

Yes it is still under warranty [12 months].So why not take it back to where you bought it for repair.If it is a problem with the computer it should be repaired free of charge.Or phone them and see what they say.

  crosstrainer 14:55 30 May 2008

buteman is correct, your warranty is still valid, repair should be free, and conducted by the supplier.

  Baobab99 15:04 30 May 2008

thanks crosstrainer, I'll give them a look.

to Halmer and Buteman: evesham were taken over earlier this year and I don't think they're honouring support. At least another company called me and said they weren't, but I could pay for more support! I told them no...

thanks for all this.

  crosstrainer 15:07 30 May 2008

That's what has happened to all Evesham customers...:

click here

Sadly all to common when a company goes bust or is taken over.

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