Evesham Laptop Repair

  tonyq 08:05 13 Sep 2008

I have a Evesham laptop about 2yr old with a broken hinge as you will probably know Evesham went bust thus ending my warranty. The laptop as been sat in the wardrobe for the last 6 months, thought it was about time I tried to get it repaired if the cost was going to be reasonable.
I have tried Cambridge Laptop Repairs which had been suggested in someone else posting, and that they had good service from them. Cambridge Laptop Repairs replied to my email saying sorry unable to repair Evesham laptops as they where not able to get hold of Evesham Spares,(or words to that effect). Can anyone suggest a laptop repairer they have had good service from?.

  crosstrainer 08:09 13 Sep 2008

What area are you in?

  tonyq 10:00 13 Sep 2008

I live in the Huddersfield West Yorkshire England area.

  crosstrainer 10:11 13 Sep 2008

A few to try:

click here

click here

click here

I have not used any of these, but a few to go at at least...Somone should have the required part, even if it's from an old discaded machine.

  spuds 11:39 13 Sep 2008

If you have a local computer fair, you could also ask there for a possible repair contact, if all else fails.

If you a competent enough with time to spare, there is another option of perhaps eBay, as there are regular sales of spares and repair laptops available.

  tonyq 09:31 14 Sep 2008

Thank you all for your help.I have so far enquired about the cost of repair at one site which sounded alright,but they too said it was difficult getting Evesham spares,so I will ring 1 or 2 more in the next few days and take from there.

  joedekreon 20:36 03 Oct 2008

Hi i have already tried these guys click here they are best , but you can also try them : <a href="click here">lcd laptop repair</a>

They are also providing very nice service ,


  tonyq 21:24 03 Oct 2008

Hi all,
joedekreon that site as already been suggested along with others by crosstrainer but thanks all the same. I have tried all the sites suggested on this site along with a few others,but up to now no one seems able to repair the Evesham laptop. I even took it to a place in Otley who dismantled part of the laptop to see if they could repair it but said they could not as it probably needed Evesham parts and all they could do is offer me £50 towards a new laptop and use mine as spares. .

  woodchip 21:43 03 Oct 2008

Next Computer Fair at Huddersfield is RedRat on the 19 Oct Sports Center, Wakefield Road There is normally a Secondhand Laptop sales on the that will most likely be able to fix the hinge

  pj21 16:39 06 Oct 2008

Try micro-nano-it for repair and spares for evesham micros laptop as it was the third party repair centre for evesham before it went bust.

  tonyq 18:13 06 Oct 2008

by coincidence I have just emailed them this weekend,and am awaiting there reply.

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