Evesham Laptop - Query re. reinstall of XP please

  AngeTheHippy 09:19 08 Feb 2008

Morning Chaps,
Just phones Evesham tech support to find .. not there any more! Gone into admin and tech support will now cost me £1.00 per minute. Well, sturf that, I ONLY wanted to ask a couple of questions... this is them then::

It's time to do a fresh install I think, so, on the CD that states 'For distrib. only with a new Evesham PC' (the recovery disk) will it also have the drivers etc? Reason I ask is it's the ONLY CD that came with the Laptop, unlike the Desktop PC that had about 4 CDs in total - the sound and graphics cards on separate CD.

Thanks for your help,


  Graham. 09:44 08 Feb 2008

The laptop may have a recovery partition on the hard drive. Boot with the CD in; you may have to change the boot order in BIOS.

  AngeTheHippy 09:46 08 Feb 2008

I don't really wanna just recover, but new install of XP ... or is that the same thing??


  AngeTheHippy 09:50 08 Feb 2008

at which point would I install XP SP2 please?


  Fingees 09:53 08 Feb 2008

As it says only for sale with a new Evesham, it will be an OEM version.

This means if you make sure bios is set to initially boot from cd.
You can insert cd. follow instructions to format and reinstall.from cd.

  Pamy 10:11 08 Feb 2008

It will not be a full o/s disk, but a recovery disk that should set the computer back to how it was when you bought it

  Pamy 10:22 08 Feb 2008

PS. Did you have an instruction book included when you bougt it?

  AngeTheHippy 10:28 08 Feb 2008

I keep all the documentation for everything I purchase (PC related or not) and there is WAS no instructions with the lappy. I have re installed about 3 years ago I think (the Lappy) but spoke to Tech Support at Evesham at that time. Called them this morning to find they are NO MORE!!

All I need to know is at which point to install SP2...


  Pamy 10:35 08 Feb 2008

Usually after windows is loaded and ready to run

  AngeTheHippy 11:12 08 Feb 2008

and tell you later if all working.


PS - I suspect there might be more help queries from ex-Evesham users now the new setup has started charging for phone assistance...

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