evesham laptop query

  freddy-firecracker 13:33 16 Apr 2007


I was checking out this laptop and the price
click here
it is at just now, do you think it is reasonable, has any one bought one, also i have heard that evesham have a good reputation, can anyone possibly advise?



  MAJ 13:36 16 Apr 2007

Evesham have an excellent and well-deserved reputation. What do you want to use the laptop for? There are cheaper more basic madels available to buy if your needs aren't very high.

  freddy-firecracker 20:48 16 Apr 2007

I have also had a look at this system which is a cheaper option. I need it to view/edit photos, watch movies & download music and do some office stuff and play the odd game.

click here



  MAJ 21:05 16 Apr 2007

Both those laptops have the exact same specs, except for the graphics card (unless my eyes deceive me), freddy-firecracker. Not being a gamer and therefore uninterested in graphic cads/chips, I don't know if the extra £150 is good value or not.

  FatboySlim71 21:19 16 Apr 2007

I have owned an Evesham PC for just over a year and it is the best pc I have owned, its very reliable, very stable. All I can say is that Eveshams customer service what I received when I purchased my pc was A1. I have several friends and colleges who have had dealings with their customer service and they inform me that the customer service is A1 too, I hope this is of help to you.

  skidzy 21:30 16 Apr 2007

I bought the inspiron 6400 3rd from the left £599 about a year ago with XPH click here
and has been absolutely brilliant.Free delivery included.

I would say this though,do your research first before ringing Dell..yes ring Dell do not use the online sale as you can haggle a little bit with Dell.

At the time i received a £70 discount with upgrades to the machine and recovery discs and drivers discs for free.

  freddy-firecracker 22:15 17 Apr 2007

You talk about owning systems from Evesham & Dell. Do you get recovery discs with them and what is included within the packs? Does this cost xtra?

  FatboySlim71 08:03 18 Apr 2007

With my Evesham I got a Windows XP Pro recovery disc, when I spoke to Evesham they informed me that 'it was the same as a Windows XP Pro disc albeit the name is different', the reason I asked Evesham about the recovery disc was that I had heard that some recovery discs did not let you fully re install Windows in the event of an operating system failure, but Evesham told me that their recovery disc would let me fully re install my operating system, basically like Evesham had said 'it was the same as a Windows XP Pro disc albeit the name is different'

I also got with my pc, the support driver cd, which basically has all the drivers etc on it for the installed hardware, i.e graphics card and other hardware. The recovery disc and the support drivers cd were free of charge.

I found it better to telephone Evesham with my order as this allowed me to ask them some questions i.e about the recovery disc and the support driver cd.

I know one of my friends owns a Dell and also my cousin does, and they told me that they were not supplied with a recovery disc or support drivers cd, im sure with Dell pc's, there is a hidden partition (recovery partition) that lets you re cover the operating system, but personally I would feel a bit cautious of this because I cannot see how you could recover from this partition if the hard drive had crashed or got corrupted and had affected the partitions. I personally feel better having the discs at hand, so that in the event, I would be able to restore my pc to a working state.

  skidzy 15:09 18 Apr 2007

Regarding Dell and recovery discs,FatboySlim71 is spot on.
You can ask for a recovery disc with the sale at worse will cost you a fiver.
However,Most dell machines now have a hidden partition with the preinstalled software and os on it.Also you normally get a burning package preinstalled such as Sonic,one particular aspect of Sonic prompts you to make the recovery cd/dvd on immediate boot up of the new machine.

Also supplied are the drivers and utilities disc holding the all the drivers for the machine.

Just for future reference,when you buy a new system,treat yourself to Acronis from Amazon (cheapest i found) with this backup software,you can make an image or even clone your harddrive just incase of future problems with the harddrive.

Hope this helps.

  FatboySlim71 23:31 18 Apr 2007

I agree skidzy, Acronis is well worth the £24 or so. I own it and it is one hell of a piece of software, and also the piece of mind it gives you by you knowing that your pc is fully backed up on to an external hard drive (as in my case) and fully restorable in around an hour is one hell of a weight off your mind.

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