Evesham ebox bios update AGP driver problem

  Babylonia 10:28 09 Oct 2007

I have just upgraded to Vista on my ebox but in order to get there I had to update the bios and used the MSI live update to update the eveshamvale branded MSI board. Now the AGP drivers dont seem to work for the Radeon 9600 card I had on board.

I have tried the latest ATI drivers and also the Vista recommended.

Anyone know how to either put the evesham bios back or how to fix the problem.

  PO79 14:23 09 Oct 2007

What chipset does your mobo have. There is a known conflict with ATI AGP Radeon cards and Nvidea nforce3 and below chipsets, which is why I have a £369.00 Vista Ultimate doorstop next to my PC.

  Babylonia 14:52 09 Oct 2007

It has the ATI chipset (I think) and it worked fine until I did the MSI live update which I guess changed some of the Evesham settings.

Any help appreciated.

  Babylonia 15:03 09 Oct 2007

More info on spec of my machine

2.8GHz Pentium 4; 2GB PC3200 DDR; MSI ATi RS300 microATX motherboard; 160GB Western Digital hard disk; Panasonic DVD writer; 128MB ATi Radeon 9600 graphics; Realtek AC97 audio; 10/100 Ethernet; 802.11b wireless PCI card; serial; parallel; 6 x USB 2 ports; 3 x FireWire ports;

  umbongo(uk) 16:26 09 Oct 2007

re download all the MOTHERBOARD drivers and install them as they will be updated for vista,
as your system was originally xp media centre
unless you did a full format and clean install ,i take it you will have downloaded the updated motherboard drivers from the msi site to go on the

  Babylonia 16:40 09 Oct 2007

I did a clean install to avoid legacy issues and ran the msi bios live update immediately prior to installation of Vista. Now the AGP Driver is not recognised and gets suspended and blue screens within 5 minutes of loading vista. I guess downloading the MSI drivers for the motherboard model would help but I would have thought the MSI live update would have put the ocrrect drivers on although the motrherboard is identified as EveshamVale and not MSI.

Anyone else have a similar problem with an Evesham machine?

  umbongo(uk) 17:17 09 Oct 2007

yes msi live update will help but you have to instigate a driver look up and download it dosent automaticaly do it
just like you have to manually click it to make it update the bio,s if it did this process everytime it was runnning it would be a security flaw
and you would get bios update,s when none are needed

its auto in the sense it goes to msi site to find drivers you need ,then you enable access for them to be downloaded

"I guess downloading the MSI drivers for the motherboard model would help"

bit like having an engine and not putting oil in id say

down load them you have nothing to lose and will eliminate one possible end of the puzzle just remember to uninstall ati grafix driver then reinstall after update

  Babylonia 21:20 12 Oct 2007

Tried and still having problems. I have been reading that the MSI RS3Mil motherboard is not compatible with Vista is this true? are there any workarounds?

  umbongo(uk) 23:40 12 Oct 2007

babylonia you are correct i just found this on the msi site
NOTE: RS3M-IL supports Windows® XP/2000 only.
click here=

you could always buy a cheap board but you might be better of getting a new mobo n cpu

if you want a hand searching for a cheap alternative ill help
ive searched the shops i buy from and none have any 478 boards

  umbongo(uk) 23:54 12 Oct 2007

cheapest upgrade i can come up with

click here

click here

click here

youd have to use onboard graphic till you get a cheap card but with 2 gb of ram it shouldnt be tht much of a drag on the system

youll be able to use your ram on this board combo and other cards etc if your realy wanting to go vista

it just an idea or you could check ebay out for a board tht will take your proccesor and graphics card

  Babylonia 10:26 13 Oct 2007

Thanks I'll have a look

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