Evesham desktops - good, bad or indifferent?

  sailorgirl 15:42 10 Mar 2003

Thank you to all for previous contributions. Re. suggestions to go somwhere reliable - Evesham was my next choice. Desktop not laptop, no games interest but fast and with a big memory. All comments, good, bad or indifferent welcomed. Thank you.

  JoeC 16:07 10 Mar 2003

and apart from problems when I first got it, it has been a dream. The problems I had at first were that the cpu and memory had to be replaced. This was done reasonably quickly and since then I have had only an odd minor problem - usually caused by myself - but those have been easy to rectify. One thing about Evesham ( well, the setup I got anyhow )is that I got a genuine WinXP cd with it, along with another cd with the relevant drivers on it. It was delivered on time as well. Whenever I had occasion, in the early days, to contact Evesham, the phone was answered fairly quickly and the service / support was superb. I definitely would buy from them again. : }

  Goldcroft 16:20 10 Mar 2003

you might have a look at Mesh too. Used to come out top in PCA surveys. My machine has never had any faults, but tech help leaves something to be desired.

  jazzypop 16:22 10 Mar 2003

My experience? Good.

I have suffered a couple of component failures ('named' components, not attributable to any failing by Evesham). They were replaced without fuss, speedily.

  TBH1 16:45 10 Mar 2003

my Evesham is 3 years old, suppose you could call it antique now - - but it does me. No probs with this whatsover. There web site is good, you can configure your PC to exactly your own spec.

  anchor 17:04 10 Mar 2003

I go along with the above favourable comments, having had my Evesham desktop for almost 2 years.

No manufacturer can guarantee that nothing will ever go wrong, but Evesham make a good machine. Moreover, their support is very good, and they will do everything possible to resolve a problem. If it down to a hardware failure, it will be repaired.

  toxin 17:45 10 Mar 2003

I've had an EVESHAM Platinum for 6 years, in that time I have had only one component failure; the fan on the CPU, I called their tech support, the operator listened to the noise the fan was making over the phone link, diagnosed the problem, and the fan was replaced under the 2yr on-site warranty next day.

The monitor supplied with the machine has gone on the blink twice, and both times has been replaced by Taxan within 24 hrs of calling.

Evesham Tech support is excellent, although at times they are so busy that some delay occurs in getting connected to an advisor, but once connected there eapproach to any problem is very thorough, and if necessary they will take you thru a procedure step by step.

The machine has now been rebuilt by local computer shop, and upgraded and is working fine.

Hope this gives you some reassurance.

  tran1 18:07 10 Mar 2003

I bought my PC from Evesham last October. The PC arrived exactly on time and am very happy with it. The only major problem I've had is a hard drive failing. The problem was dealt with quickly and on time - no mucking about. Apart from that, its been smooth sailing for me.

I would definately buy from Evesham again.

  Newuser1328 20:06 10 Mar 2003

Can’t fault Evesham for build quality and customer service.
My first purchase, from their original factory and sole outlet in the early 90’s, was a Premier+ 486DX 50 PC. It still runs well for Word Processing and similar tasks.
In 1995, I added a Platinum P120 and it continues to give reliable service in a small network configuration. In 2002, I added a Pentium 4® 2.01GHz. I have experienced a number of item failures over the years but all were dealt with promptly and efficiently by Evesham. I certainly cannot fault them.

  Border View 20:17 10 Mar 2003

I bought an Evesham in July 2000 and apart from self inflicted problems have an excellent machine. Technical support both online and when needed on site were without doubt exceptional. If and when I need a replacement (which will be a while yet) I shall certainly return to Evesham.

Go for it I dont think you will regret it.

  Maltman 20:26 10 Mar 2003

Got an Evesham Axis 2400+NK with LG TFT screen a month ago. Both worked fine straight out of the box. Delivered on time and so far no problems - touch wood!

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