evesham computers part 2

  wullie1 16:44 14 Jan 2003
  wullie1 16:44 14 Jan 2003

just to let u all know that after placing my order for a stock item pc on the 6/1/03 and was told it would be in on 9/1/03 as they did not have any in stock .on thurs 9/1/03 i rang them up to see if it had arrived but was told that it was not on the list ,i then told them when was the next delivery and they said 14/1/03 i said to them that if it was not in on tuesday 14th i would cancel the order £1408 ,i waited until 4pm and rang them i gave them my order no and the assistant replied yes and what do you want
i said my pc and he (after going into the pc to check my order no) said are you chasing a delivery i then told him the story and he said hold on and then came back and said it had arrived and my reply why didnt someone phone me to say it had arrived ( as agreed) he then said the delivery had only just arrived this was 4pm
mind you i then said you had a packing list sent to your store yesterday ( because i know have made enquiries and thats what happens) i then told him to cancel my order and that i would go to a better supplier THE END

  TBH1 10:48 15 Jan 2003

somehow I don't think this IS the end.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:36 15 Jan 2003

It arrived on the 14th, which is the date that you were promised or am I missing the obvious here?.....I fail to see your problem, apart from a 5 day delay in delivery. Their communication seems to be lacking but not something that would make me stamp my feet and go off in a huff. It was only 5 days delay, not like it was 2 years delay. You obviously did not need it on the 14th because if it was so desperate for that day you would have collected it.

Anyhow Evesham are good machines and it is your loss. Try PCW, they usually have them in stock.


  wullie1 11:39 15 Jan 2003

yes it is they offered me some free software
and appoligize for everything thats happened
and i am the new owner of an evesham pc athlon
xp2700+ only hope product is as good as they say
the final END

  TBH1 11:41 15 Jan 2003

Told you !!!! ;-)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:42 15 Jan 2003

' told him to cancel my order and that i would go to a better supplier' 'am the new owner of an evesham pc athlon xp2700+'.....you have totally confused me, congratulations!


  wullie1 10:12 11 Feb 2003

yes as you have guessed its part 3 of this very poor pc manufacturer first of all when my new pc was set up it had lines on the screen and i know these are associated with the graphics card which is an msi gf4 128ram agp8 so i tried to phone them and 40min later i got through the tecki tried all the things i tried but no avail
so i was told to reinstall the whole system which i did but no joy as soon as i put the drivers in for the card the little black - arrived on the screen and i used the latest drivers so another 35min on the phone and the tecki said he would get an engineer to call after 2 days no joy so i called customer care they said they would look into it and later phoned to tell me an engineer would cal 3 days later he did and put in a new card but even that didnt even boot up the pc so he said it must be the new card that is d o a he put my old card in and made an appointment for the monday 3 days later the tecki guy came and put in a new card but did not put in the new mobo he had with him i said we could not tell if it was ok as it only happened in the morning when i booted up ,so in the morning it was fine that was mondy but on sat the problem arrived same as b4 phoned them on monday as they do not have a service over the weekend only net support and that is a waste of time so i phoned them and the tecki said he would get someone to call and arrange an appointment alas on the tues no one called so i phoned customer care and they daid it takes 2 days for them to arrange a call out i then told them that if i did not hear from them then i would be returning the pc under the sale of goods act (not fit for purpose) she then said she would get it sorted out as soon as poss ,i just cannot understand why pc advisor give this terrible pc company merits ,will keep u informed

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